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‘Match Me Abroad’: Big Life Updates For Season 1 Cast

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Match Me Abroad is one of the best reality series on TLC this year. Many were impressed by the network’s brand-new concept of matchmaking. Season 1 also featured a lot of interesting cast members. Some of them stayed together after the show, while others didn’t work. Most of the stars also thrived in life when the cameras stopped rolling. Keep reading to see the latest updates about them today.

Match Me Abroad: Harold Davis

Harold is one of the most popular stars of Match Me Abroad. He was matched with Michaela when he traveled to Prague. The two were so happy to have each other’s backs. Unfortunately, the two called it quits after the show. At this point, the New Mexico native is working as a senior radiation protection technician. He has also been sharing updates about his ex’s journey to beat cancer. The 41-year-old loves to document his trips to different museums as well.

Match Me Abroad Harold YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Match Me Abroad: Michelle Johnson

Michelle also sought love in Prague. She met Pavol, and the two quickly developed a big interest in each other. After the first season, the two still made efforts to see each other, creating speculation that there was something going on between the two. In August, the Match Me Abroad star confirmed that she and the Prague native are still seeing each other and have a plan in the future to fly to France. She also added that all relationships must start with communication and commitment, implying that they’re still getting to know each other.

Match Me ABroad Michelle YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Match Me Abroad: Susan Boasi

Susan expressed her deep interest when she met Colombian graphic designer Mauricio. She gushed over how talented and handsome he was. However, not much was revealed about whether they ended up together after the show. The TLC star has been private about her life on social media. Though she has an IG account where she shares cute photos with her dog. She and her sweet companion currently reside in NYC.

Match Me Abroad Susan YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Match Me Abroad: Nathaly Leonidas

Nathaly had a bittersweet episode. She was paired with a man named Alejandro, who claims to have the ability to talk to angels. He even revealed that he doesn’t tell other women his secret, as it may not get him any intimate relationships. But the Match Me Abroad star showed interest in the man’s claims. Unfortunately, their story ended with a cliffhanger, and it was never revealed if they kept working on their relationship. Presently, Leonidas has been traveling around Colombia. She spends a lot of time with her family and friends as well.

Match Me Abroad Nathaly YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Match Me Abroad: Chad Gupton

Chad quickly fell in love and traveled to Colombia to meet Maria. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for them during the show. But the reality TV personality’s FB page shows that he’s now in a relationship with a woman named Verena Neunzig. His page almost has no content aside from a few photos of himself. Nevertheless, it’s clear that he has bounced back after being rejected by his “dream girl.”

Chad YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Match Me Abroad: Stanika Banks

Stanika and Noureddine caught the hearts of many due to their hilarious moments together. They were also one of the sweetest couples on the show. The Match Me Abroad couple is still going strong today and is planning for their future together. Banks is currently in the United States, while her boyfriend presently lives in Morocco. The Mississippi native also suffered a heartbreaking loss earlier this month after her dog died. She’s been hustling on social media by promoting different types of clothing.

Stanika YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Match Me Abroad: Mark Scafidi

Mark and Houda had an unfortunate ending in Season 1. They were serious about working on their relationship. However, things took a negative turn when Scafidi told the Moroccan woman that he still had other dates lined up. He even tried to fix it by canceling his scheduled meetups. But it was too late, as Houda decided to end their connection for good. The two seemed to have moved on from each other since the show ended. Despite failing to find love, the sportscaster and actor is now back to living a happy life by traveling.

Mark YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

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