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’90 Day Fiance’: Where Is The Season 3 Cast In 2023?

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90 Day Fiance Season 3 featured couples dealing with the age gap and cultural differences. There are some who failed to save their marriage. However, there are others who were successful and are now living happily. Many of them have also kept in touch with the fans on social media and continue to receive projects from TLC. Keep reading to see what they’re up to today.

90 Day Fiance: Loren & Alexei Brovarnik

Loren and Brovarnik are one of the happiest couples in Season 3 today. They’ve been living their best lives as parents to three kids, Shai, Asher, and Ariel. The 90 Day Fiance couple has also been featured in a few spinoffs, such as Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days and Pillow Talk. The 35-year-old man from Israel is currently working as a warehouse manager. Meanwhile, the mother of three quit her job as an executive administrative assistant to give more time to her kids and to become a social media influencer.

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90 Day Fiance: Kyle Huckabee & Bajaree Boonma

Kyle and Bajaree are still going strong today. Despite their cultural differences, the two have lived a happy life. They’ve been sharing their trips around the world and are residing in Portland. Boonma is working as a cat groomer. In May, the 90 Day Fiance star expressed her excitement about finding a career that she enjoys. Meanwhile, Huckabee appears to tackle a career as a vlogger by documenting adventures with his wife.

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90 Day Fiance: Fernando & Carolina Verdini

Fernando and Carolina are also another successful couple from Season 3. They’ve been married for 10 years and never let their age gap or cultural differences get in their way. The man from Florida presently works as a nurse. His wife has kept a low profile. Though he often uploads photos with her, she seems to be doing well. They also love to go on trips together. The married couple also suffered a heartbreaking loss in May after their Italian Greyhound dog passed away.

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90 Day Fiance: Nikki & Mark Shoemaker

Nikke and Mark had a rough start in their relationship. Many predicted that they wouldn’t last, especially with their 39-year age gap. However, they got married for six years but never had kids together. Unfortunately, the two reportedly filed for divorce in 2022, and the 64-year-old man claimed that the reason for their split was adultery. Not much is known about the couple, as they kept their lives away from social media.

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Photo Credit: 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

90 Day Fiance: Melanie Bowers & Devar Walters

Melanie and Devar have been living happily as parents today. They welcomed a daughter after Season 3. The man from Jamaica is currently working for a construction company that specializes in underwater welding. He likes to share photos with his wife as well. Earlier in September, the TLC star shared a stunning photo with Melanie. Unfortunately, Bowers hasn’t been active on social media. But she was introduced in the show as a registered nurse.

90 Day Fiance Melanie Devar Instagram
Photo Credit: @devar_aka_savage Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Aleksandra Iarovikova & Josh Strobel

Malanie and Devar also had cultural differences, like some of their co-stars from Season 3. They’re still going strong today and now have two kids. The married couple presently live in Shreveport, Louisiana. Both of them are pursuing a career in the medical field as well. The Russian woman is currently a nurse, while her husband works as a doctor. In August, the mother of two shared a proud photo of her and Strobel as they finally got to work together.

90 Day Fiance Aleksandra Josh Instagram
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