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‘My 600-lb Life’: Has Penny Saeger Lost Weight Since Season 2?

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My 600-lb Life had tons of successful stories. However, there are some who have failed in their journey. One of them is Season 2’s Penny Saeger. She’s one of the most controversial stars on the show. Despite the danger of her weight, she never made much progress and even had issues with Dr. Now. The Maryland native arrived at the show weighing 530 pounds, bedridden, and struggling to breathe. Keep reading to see what she’s been up to today.

My 600-lb Life: Penny Saeger’s Controversial Development

Penny was able to shed 40 pounds from her strict diet programs with Dr. Now, which also qualified her for bariatric surgery. However, the former My 600-lb Life star stopped making progress after the major operation. At that point, Dr. Now began to assume she was not following her weight loss programs and even called her “delusional.” She has also missed multiple appointments with her surgeon as she refuses to get out of bed. Dr. Now also believes she has been sneaking unhealthy foods.

Penny Saeger Dr Now YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

TLC released a special update episode for Penny in 2015. According to the network, she never made progress with her weight and doesn’t even want to scale herself. She also doubted Dr. Now’s advice and believed that there was another way for her to shed weight. She also had a scene looking hopeless after failing to accompany her son for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Penny Continues To Struggle

TLC also revealed in a special episode that Penny Saeger remained bedridden and on oxygen after her weight loss surgery. She doesn’t share photos of herself online. However, she has kept in touch with her fans regarding her family. Back in 2021, she shared a picture of her mother and son with a vaccinated frame around the photo. There are also speculations that she hasn’t lost weight in years, which is why she doesn’t post much about her journey.

My 600-lb Life Penny Saeger YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

My 600-lb Life: Fans Express Their Disappointment

In October 2019, Penny shared a clip of herself playing with a cat. However, some fans quickly noticed that she was still in bed despite Dr. Now’s advice to become active. Due to this, she received comments from disappointed fans telling her how she wasted many opportunities to become healthy.

Penny Saeger Facebook
Photo Credit: Penny Saeger Facebook
  • “Just started watching the show and searched to see Penny’s progress. Sad to see that she never changed,” one person said.
  • “This woman is still in bed. Probably still as lazy as ever still making excuses for herself,” another commenter added.

Meanwhile, others hope that Penny Saeger’s son will grow up without inheriting her bad habits. Some even called her “lucky” for still being alive after not following Dr. Now’s orders.

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