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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Spotted Filming At Iconic Brown Family Venue

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown is back to sharing motivational quotes on social media. She recently uploaded a clip where she talked about trusting herself. The 52-year-old mother has been busy traveling as well. She has yet to share updates about their upcoming season. Until recently, the reality TV personality was spotted filming in a venue that the Brown family has used throughout the years.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Finally On The Right Path?

Meri has been focusing more on herself over the past few months. Aside from traveling with her friends, the TLC star has been keeping her mindset positive by sharing inspirational messages. It also appears that she and Kody have become friends after they were spotted spending time together. Reports also claimed that the 54-year-old polygamist helped his ex-wife with her move to Utah, showing that they had proper closure. There are also people who are starting to theorize what will happen in Season 18. But the ex-sister wife’s recent sighting in a Utah venue may give answers to the possible storyline.

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Meri Spotted Filming In La Caille

A Reddit user shared a photo of Meri being filmed in La Caille, which is a venue located in Utah. There’s not a lot of information about what they’re actually filming. But some fans assume that it’s for Season 18. The venue also had a history with the polygamous family. It was once used to celebrate Kody and Meri’s 20th anniversary. It’s also the place where Aspyn and Mitch Thompson had their wedding. There are speculations that the TLC star is inquiring about Leon and Audrey’s wedding. But others suggest it may have something to do with Christine.

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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Helping With Christine’s Wedding Preparations?

Some Sister Wives fans think that Meri may be helping Christine find a venue for her wedding. According to reports, the 51-year-old mother has been rushing her marriage with David Woolley. She previously looked for organizers around Utah, and some believe that her ex-sister wife stepped in to assist. It’s no secret that things haven’t been well between the two. Though some are hoping that this will be the start of their good relationship if Meri is indeed lending her a hand.

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An insider also claimed that Kody may not get invited to the wedding. The source also added that he’s been upset by how his ex-wife is already living with her fiance just months after they met.

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