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‘Counting On’: James & Siblings’ Trip To Pompeii Confuses Fans

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Counting On star James Duggar has been making headlines due to this trip to Italy. He’s also accompanied by some of his siblings and friends. James and his group have been to several iconic places in Italy. However, James’ latest vlog in Pompeii confuses some fans. Others also think that James wasted a lot of opportunities during their trip to Italy.

Counting On: James Duggar & Siblings’ Trip To Pompeii Confuses Fans

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on James Duggar’s recent trip to Pompeii with some of his friends and siblings. The group was able to visit historical places in Pompeii. They’re often impressed whenever they see artifacts from the past. However, some fans got confused when the group decided to go to Mcdonald’s in Italy. According to some, they missed the opportunity to try out one-of-a-kind restaurants in Italy. Instead, they went for a fast-food chain. “Who goes to Italy to eat at McDonalds? These people should just never leave Arkansas, as they aren’t going to step out of their comfort zone no matter where they go,” another person added.

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Where Will They Go Next?

At this point, Couning On star James Duggar has yet to share their next destination. However, James and his crew have been on a roll when it comes to traveling. Due to this, fans can expect that they won’t head back home anytime soon. Meanwhile, fans are curious about who funded the expensive trip of the Duggars. According to some, there’s a possibility that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar sent some of their kids on a trip to create a distraction from Josh Duggar getting sent to solitary confinement after he was caught with a phone in jail.

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Photo Credit: @jamesaduggar Instagram

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Duggar Have Been Missing The Trips

Counting On fans also noticed that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar haven’t been joining the kids’ recent travels. It appears that they’re still trying to avoid the public after all the controversies they faced since Josh Duggar’s arrest. Meanwhile, some fans think Jim Bob and Michelle’s reputation was damaged even further due to Jinger Duggar’s latest book, Becoming Free Indeed. 

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Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

Jim Bob and Michelle have yet to share their thoughts on the book. But it’s clear that Jinger has been trying to expose the wrongdoings of her parents and the IBLP.

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