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Horror at the Pump: 5 Gas Station Scary Movies

Robby Steven

The recent rise of cost for oil and gas has struck horror at the pump into consumers in recent weeks. With gas prices hitting record highs, the fear of the unknown has continued to baffle people and put them on edge. Stepping outside the box into the work of horror films, many scary movies have taken place at the gas station. Whether it’s one scene or the entire film, the isolated location of the pump has been prevalent. Here are five scary movies that take place at the gas station.

Horror at the Pump: 5 Gas Station Scary Movies

Open 24 Hours (2020)Directed by Padraig Reynolds
Rotten TomatoesCritics Score 45 percent, Audience Score 32 percent
‘Open 24 Hours’ was released in 2020. It tells the story of a young girl named Mary who was recently paroled after killing her serial killer boyfriend and gets a job at a 24/7 gas station. However, she soon sees visions of her ex-boyfriend and the mayhem he may or may not be committing. ‘Open 24 Hours’ packs enough punch to please both gore fans and those who want to dig a bit deeper. The film flew under the radar in 2020 and serves as a solid piece of isolation horror at the pump.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)Directed by Tobe Hooper
Rotten Tomatoes– Critics Score 89 percent, Audience Score 82 percent
Tobe Hooper’s classic ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ might not take place at a gas station, however, the location serves as a major plot point. Sally Hardesty and her friends pull up to get some gas though the attendant warns them not to go snooping around. The kids brush the warning off and end up facing the terror of Leatherface and his family. In an ironic twist of fate, Sally finds herself back at the gas station with the same attendant. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has become a successful franchise, but none of the films have reached the heights of the original.

King’s Corn

Children of the Corn (1984)Directed by Fritz Kiersch
Rotten Tomatoes– Critics Score 36 percent, Audience Score 40 percent
‘Children of the Corn’ was first a short story in Stephen King’s ‘Night Shift’ collection and was made into a film in 1984. While the critics were never too high on the movie, it was succesful enough to spawn 8 sequels and a TV remake. One of the highlights of the orignal is the mechanic at an abandoned gas station who warns to two leads to keep away from the town of Gatlin. They ignore his warning, therefore, he soon falls victim to the Children of the Corn witin his own gas station. The rest of the film takes place in other locations, however, the murder of the mechanic stands out as a slice of horror at the pump.

Splinter (2008)Directed by Toby Wilkins
Rotten Tomatoes– Critics Score 74 percent, Audience Score 49 percent
A young couple traveling cross country are kidnapped by a couple who recently escaped from prison. After getting into a car accident, they make their way to a gas station. The station is underattack by a mysterious paraite that turns the host into a zombie-like creature. If you’re looking for a film set almost entirely in the location of a gas station, ‘Splinter’ is a great choice for horror at the pump.

Horror at the Pump: Hidden Gem

Body Bags (Gas Station segment, 1993) – Directed by John Carptenter
Rotten Tomatoes– Critics Score 67 percent, Audience Score 38 percent
In 1993, John Carptenter and Tobe Hooper came together to create their own anthology titled ‘Body Bags.’  The highlight segment was directed by Carptenter titled ‘Gas Station’ with genre legends Wes Cravena and David Daughten co-starring. The story follows a newly hired attendee who is hunted down by a serial killer. With a story set in one location, the terror is marinated within the dirty walls and ground of the pump. Seeing Craven and Naughten in small roles will put a smile on the face of horror fans.

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