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‘Counting On’: Fans React To Jessa’s Storytime With Her Kids

Counting On fans have been keeping their eyes close to the Duggars since Josh Duggar’s arrest. Apparently, most of them have become inactive since Josh’s guilty verdict. Meanwhile, some of the Duggar kids have been sharing positivities online. One of which is Jessa Duggar, who’s been sharing wholesome storytime with her kids lately. She also took social media recently to share tons of adorable stories with her kids and fans are loving it.

Counting On: Jessa Duggar Shares Wholesome Storytime With The Kids

In a social media post, Counting On star Jessa Duggar shared a series of wholesome stories about her kids. According to Jessa, Henry and Spurgeon have been surprised with their way of speaking to other people. At one point, Jessa shared that Henry asked his grandmother if she’s big enough to hold him. He even told her that she should eat more spinach, something that Jessa can’t help but laugh at. Jessa also receives the same unexpected sentences from her kids. According to Jessa, Spurgeon once told her that they should get a fire extinguisher just in case Henry and Ivy light the house on fire.

Counting On Jessa Kids Instagram
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Fans Think Ivy Was Singing A Lady Gaga Song

Aside from the wholesome stories of her kids, Counting On fans also think that Jessa Duggar’s daughter, Ivy, just sang a Lady Gaga song. Apparently, Jessa revealed that Ivy kept saying “Paparazzi” the other night and Spurgeon asked her what’s the meaning of it. According to Jessa, she told Spurgeon that Paparazzis are bad and make fun of people. However, fans pointed out that Ivy may have listened to some radio outside their house as they never listen to modern music. “No, but legit it does sound like she was singing that song hahaha. She might have heard it in the shops or something,” one person said.

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Counting On: Jessa Duggar Shares Lovely Picture Of Her Daughters

In a social media post, Counting On star Jessa Duggar shared an adorable picture of her daughters, Ivy and Fern. “Sister love,” Jessa captioned. Fans are also amazed by how fast Fern is growing. Others also pointed out that Ivy is getting bigger as well. Jessa has been sharing lovely photos of her kids online. At one point, Jessa left the fans in awe after sharing a picture of Spurgeon looking a lot like her when she was still a kid.

Ivy Fern Instagram
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It’s clear to see that Jessa wants to focus more on positivity amid all the controversies of the Duggars. However, it seems that she’s happy with Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict for his child porn case.

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