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Christine Travels To North Carolina After Putting Flagstaff Home For Sale

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been making headlines after reports claimed that her Flagstaff home is for sale. Fans think that she’s planning to leave the plural family and move back to Utah. It also appears that some of Kody Brown’s wives are showing signs of branching away from the family. Now, Christine is back on social media to share updates about herself. Apparently, Christine is currently in North Carolina, which made some think that she might be staying there for good.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Travels To North Carolina

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared a clip of her having a fun time at a beach with his son. According to Christine, she’s currently at a beach located in North Carolina. She didn’t exactly say what they were doing in NC. However, Christine’s daughter, Ysabel Brown, previously revealed that she moved in with her sister, Maddie Brown. in NC as well. Due to this, fans think that Christine paid a visit to check on her daughter.

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However, others think that it’s a sign that Christine is planning to move away from Flagstaff. At this point, Christine has yet to share why her Flagstaff home got listed for sale. Meanwhile, fans are already speculating that she’s planning to move to Utah. Some also think that Christine would end up in North Carolina to be with her daughters.

Fans Think Kody Is Upset About Ysabel’s Move

Sister Wives fans took Reddit to discuss the possibility that Kody Brown is upset about the recent move of her daughter, Ysabel Brown. Apparently, fans recalled the time when Kody was against Ysabel’s idea to move to North Carolina to go to college. “I remember Ysabel saying she wanted to live with them and go to college out there and Kody was very against it lol. I’m sure he’s thrilled!” one fan said. However, others think that Kody doesn’t really mind having his daughter leave Flagstaff. According to some, Kody has already shown no signs of interest to Ysabel when he rejected going with her during her major back surgery in New Jersey.

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Sister Wives: Is Christine Preparing To Move To Coyote Pass? 

Sister Wives fans have been speculating where would Christine Brown go next. However, others think that she’ll stay with the plural family and live in Coyote Pass. According to reports, Christine may live in an RV similar to what Janelle Brown did when her rental home got sold. At this point, Kody Brown has yet to share updates about his Coyote Pass Project. However, Kody’s wives have been showing signs of moving and selling properties lately, and fans think that it’s one of their ways to fund Kody’s ambitious project.

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