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WWE Raw 8/2: 5 Must-See Moments

WWE Raw was back against for its latest episode with WWE Summerslam only three weeks away at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Bobby Lashley and Golberg went face to face,  with a women’s no hold bared match in the main event. For your quick recap, here are the top five must-see moments from Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw: 5 Must-See Moments

1) Goldberg confronts Lashley, Summerslam title match
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP made their way down to the ring to talk about a potential challenge of Goldberg. After MVP and Lashley nervously brushed off the idea, Goldberg’s music hit as he made his way down to the ring. Goldberg called Lashley’s bluff as a champion and a man before leaving ringside. Lashley and MVP then confronted Goldberg’s son on the outside of the ring, causing Goldberg to run back down to the ring. MVP is hit with a Goldberg spear as Lashley looks on. Later on in the show, a match between the two was made official for Summerslam.

2) Evolving into a tag match
It started as a singles match between Damian Priest and John Morrison. Morrison attempts a springboard, but Priest catches him, slams him face-first before getting the win with a sit-out chokeslam. Call the match ** and Skim It. After the match, Sheamus arrives and attacks Priest before Ricochet makes the save. WWE Raw cuts to a commercial break and when we return, it’s a tag team match between Ricochet and Damian Priest against John Morrison and Sheamus. At its conclusion, Priest gets a two-count off his chokeslam pin combo on Morrison. Priest hits a leg lariat to Shemus before closelining him to the outside. Ricochet connects with a moonsault to Sheamus before Priest nails The Reckoning on Sheamus for the win. Call it ** again with a Skim It.

3) Omos stakes his claim
Omos went one on one against Riddle and was able to dominate. After beating down Riddle for most of the match, Riddle flips over Omos and hits multiple knees. Riddle ducks a clothesline and lands a springboard knee strike but his then met with a stiff lariat from Omos. Omos grabs Riddle and gets the win after the double chokeslam. Take a Pass at * but Riddle bumped well.

4) Keith Lee takes out Kross
In a rematch from last week’s WWE Raw, Keith Lee got a chance at redemption against Karrion Kross. In the closing stretch, Kross locks in a sleeper. Lee is able to power out and break free with an arm drag to Kross. Kross is able to pop up quickly but falls into a sit-out powerbomb allowing Lee to get the win to the roar of the crowd. Good match that is Worth the Watch at ***1/2. Having Kross, the NXT Champion, lose again on Monday Night Raw is a head-scratching decision but that has become standard on this show.

5) No Hold Barred: Nikki A.S.H. d. Charlotte
In an attempt to prove her recent title win wasn’t a fluke, Nikki A.S.H faced off against Charlotte in a No Holds Barred match. In the match’s final moments, the action went outside the ring. Nikki leaps from the barricade but is caught by Charlotte who powerbombs her through the announce table. Back in the ring, Nikki is able to kick out of a weak pin attempt. With Nikki back on her feat, Charlotte charges for a spear but breaks through a table. Nikki can only get a two-count but is finally able to get the win with a neckbreaker. Solid match that is Worth a Watch. Call it ***1/2.

Robby Steven

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