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‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Shares Cute Playtime Moments Of The Kids

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Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar has been trying to spread positivities on social media. It appears that she wants to shy away from all the recent controversies of the family, especially on Josh Duggar’s arrest. Joy-Anna has been sharing her bonding moments with Austin Forsyth and the kids. Now, Joy-Anna shared several wholesome clips of Evelyn and Gideon’s playtime. However, despite focusing on positivities, Joy-Anna and Austin still have one big problem to deal with. Apparently, Austin is ready to defend himself in his real estate fraud trial.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Shares Wholesome Playtime Clips Of The Kids

In a social media post, Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar shared several clips of her kids’ playtime. One of the clips also showed Evelyn enjoying an ice cream, while her brother rides a bike. After that, Joy-Anna shared her living room filled with toys all over the floor. Gideon is also fixing his toy car by smashing it with a toy hammer. Apparently, Gideon has been a huge fan of his father, Austin Forsyth’s job. He’s been visiting Austin on his construction site and he enjoys watching him a lot.

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Meanwhile, Evelyn continues to wear the beaded necklace fans have been worried about. Joy-Anna has been called out for putting such a necklace on Evelyn. Some fans think that Evelyn could easily swallow the beads, while others think that putting a necklace on a baby is completely unnecessary.

Austin Forsyth Expected To Take The Stand & Testify In Upcoming Real Estate Fraud Trial

Despite their recent happy moments, Counting On star Austin Forsyth still has problems to deal with. Apparently, Austin is expected to stand and testify in his upcoming real estate fraud trial on May 25, 2021. Austin went headlines in October 2019 for fraud and negligence after he was accused of not getting the proper permits for a property he just sold. According to reports, the family that’s suing Austin smelled “an unmistakable foul odor of human waste emanated from their yard.”

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The family later discovered that the land was not suitable for a septic system. Reports also claim that Austin doesn’t have the right papers to install the septic system. However, according to Austin, everything was according to the code.

Counting On: Austin Continues To Renovate & Flip Houses

Counting On star Austin Forsyth continues to renovate and flip houses for a living. It also appears that he’s becoming busier over the past couple of months. Joy-Anna even paid a visit to Austin recently in his construction site. She even brought the kids with her to watch their father working. Flipping houses has been one of the most popular sources of income from the Duggars. Apparently, Justin Duggar also entered a career in flipping houses. He previously sold one of his properties which he renovated for quite a while. He also bought the property from Jim Bob Duggar for only $1.

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