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WWE 205 Live 3/12: Rating and Ranking Every Match

The best cruiserweight action in the WWE Universe is showcased each week on WWE 205 Live after WWE Smackdown. Two matches are scheduled for tonight’s show, including tag team action.

Each match on WWE 205 Live will be given a brief review and analysis. Then each match will be given a rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

2) Curt Stallion & Mansoor d. The Bollywood Boyz (Sunil Singh & Samir Singh) 
Ever-Rise joins the commentary booth. Samir Singh and Mansoor start things off with some chain wrestling. Samir gets two close calls with a series of roll-ups before Mansoor eats a double elbow from The Bollywood Boyz. Another double-team attempt by The Bollywood Boyz fails as Mansoor is able to briefly regain control before eating a lariat from Samir. The Bollywood Boyz continue to double team until Monsoor fights off both members, including inverted atomic drops and a spinebuster. Slingshot neckbreaker by Mansoor before Curt Stallion makes his own tag and gets the pin.

Match Analysis: Solid match that seemed a bit more focused on advancing the Mansoor/Stallion program than the action in the ring. Not a bad thing though since this could lead to even better matches moving forward. Skim It. **1/2

WWE 205 Live: Main Event

1) August Grey d. Ariya Daivari
Lock up to start as both men exchange an advantage on the ground. August Grey eats a knee to the gut by Ariya Daivari but is able to get a two-count off a roll-up. Grey misses a slingshot plancha to the outside as Daivari capitalizes with a baseball slide. Daivari hits a neckbreaker as Grey is laying on the apron that gets a two-count back inside the ring. Grey is able to get a two-count off a small package but Daivari bounces back quickly with a closeline.
August Grey gets the momentum back with a flurry of right hands but is quickly cut off once again by Ariya Daivari.

Up top goes Daivari who misses a big splash as Grey moves out of the way at the last moment. Both men connect with double closelines with Grey getting to his feet first. Grey gets a two-count after a modified Emerald Flowsion. Davari heads back up to the top rope and hits a frog splash but only gets a two-count. Grey then hits a spinning slam for a two-count of his own. They fight on the apron as Grey nails Daivari with an STO before connecting with a suicide dive. Back in the ring and Grey misses on the crossbody. Daivari argues with the referee which leads to a Grey victory after a rope-assisted roll-up.

Match Analysis: Good main event on WWE 205 Live as the cruiserweights continue to be consistent. Nice to see August Grey get the win using the ropes to stick it to Ariya Daivari. Worth a Watch. ***1/4

Robby Steven

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