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’90 Day Fiance: Love Games’ Spinoff Is Here, 3 Couples Eliminated

TLC just released a new spinoff called Love Games It features stars from the past seasons of 90 Day Fiance. However, Love Games is not a spinoff where fans can follow the lives of the couples. It’s a game show that tests the couple’s knowledge of each other. Now, the first 3 episodes of the spinoff just dropped and three couples are already eliminated. The game show can be challenging. However, fans can also enjoy a whole new angle to the dramatic reality show world.

90 Day Fiance Love Games: Russ & Paola Mayfield Are Out

During Love Games Episode 1, 90 Day Fiance stars Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield went head-to-head against Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith, and Larry and Jenny Torres Passariello. The game was fun at first. The couples revealed interesting facts about them. However, Russ and Paola finished the game in last place, which led to their elimination. Ronald and Tiffany won and advanced to the semi-finals to face the winners of the next episodes. Meanwhile, Larry and Jenny finished in second place, which puts them in the wild card round.

Paola Mayfield Russ Mayfield Instagram
Paola Mayfield Russ Mayfield Instagram

Anna Campisi & Mursel Mistanoglu Struggle With Language Barrier

Love Games Episode 2 features the battle between 90 Day Fiance couples Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi, Mursel Mistanoglu and Anna Campisi, and Kyle and Noon Huckabee. Fans considered episode 2 as one of the most awkward so far. Apparently, the couples took a lot of time to score points. Some of them also struggled with the language barrier, especially Mursel. Apparently, Mursel is a Turkish native and was seen using a translator app during their season. However, Mursel and Anna have been trying their best to improve their communication. The two have been busy with their honey-based shop as well.

Mursel Mistanoglu Anna Campisi 90 Day Fiance Intsagram
Anna Campisi Instagram

The second episode ends with the fan-favorite Angela and Michael grabbing the first place. Meanwhile, Mursel and Anna got eliminated. On the other hand, Kyle and Noon moved to the wild card round, which gives them another shot on future episodes.

90 Day Fiance: Love Games: Rachel & Jon Walters Eliminated

Love Games Episode 3 features the return of Larissa Dos Santos Lima, who’s been reportedly fired by TLC after her adult cam show scandal last year. She’s paired with Eric Nichols. However, the two ended up losing. Fortunately, they were sent to the wild card round for a chance of redemption. 90 Day Fiance couple Rachel and Jon Walters were also in the episode along with Jasmin and Blake Abelard. Rachel and Jon ended up losing, leading to their elimination. Meanwhile, Jasmin and Blake won and moved to the semi-finals. Fans are also surprised to see how much Jasmin and Blake knew each other despite their questionable romance during their 90 Day Fiance season.

John Walters Rachel Walters Instagram
Rachel Walters Instagram

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