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Meri & Kody Brown Split Rumors: Relationship Status Finally Revealed

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Rumors Meri and Kody Brown of Sister Wives split have swirled for a while now. That being said, it seems as if Meri is finally ready to clear the air.

Meri Brown finally revealed her real status with her polygamist husband, Kody Brown. Meri has been puzzling her fans with her cryptic posts on social media. Some of her posts talk about moving on in life. Due to this, fans started thinking that she ended her relationship with Kody.

Aside from that, Meri also posted quotes about being with people who love her and accept her for who she is, which seems to show that she’s also having issues with her co-wives. However, Meri ended all the rumors and speculations with her lengthy post.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Finally Reveals Her Current Status With Kody Brown

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Meri Brown reveals her real status with Kody Brown. According to her, “Let’s just clarify something here. I love this man.” The very first statement of Meri’s lengthy post already confirms that they’re still together. And, it effectively disproves the split rumors.

Meri also said that she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, but she’ll do it anyway.

According to Meri, “But here’s my truth. I love him. I love my family. I’m committed. I have 30 years in this. We struggle. We communicate. We repair relationships as the parties involved are willing and able.”

Meri’s statements show that everything was fine inside the Brown family. However, she did mention that they struggled, which seems to be the reason for her cryptic posts.

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Meri Brown Throw Shots At Her Haters

Sister Wives star Meri Brown also has some words for her haters on her lengthy post. According to her, “Sure we’ve had ups and downs through the years (I mean, isn’t that somewhat normal?) High highs and low lows. All of which, you get to see ‘some’ of, and speculate on. And that’s ok. You do you, boo.”

Meri also told her haters that she did had many male friends but she won’t apologize for it. Meri said that she feels pain, anger, peace, and love just like a normal human being, which seems to throw shots at her haters who judge everything she does.

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Sister Wives: Fans React To Meri’s Revelation

Meri Brown’s revelation surprised a lot of Sister Wives fans. One fan commented, “To hell with haters! Do you, and keep moving forward.”

Another fan pointed out, “Beautiful post. Keep living your truth – enjoy your amazing family and life.” A lot of fans praised Meri’s bravery in finally speaking out and throwing shots at her haters. Meri’s picture with Kody also shows that they’re very happy together. The picture also looks recent, which seems to show that the two have been seeing each other after all.

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