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NBA: Proposed 3-Way Deal Involving Russell Westbrook & Blake Griffin

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The 2020 NBA free agency started a week ago and it’s already filled with blockbuster deals. Fans are now eyeing on Russell Westbrook, who is reportedly wanting out of the Houston Rockets. Apparently, there are a lot of trade options for Westbrook today. One of which includes another superstar from the Detroit Pistons, Blake Griffin. There are reports stating that Westbrook and Griffin will be included in a 3-way deal. The potential deal states that Westbrook will be signing with the Golden State Warriors, while Griffin will be sent to the Rockets.

NBA: Russell Westbrook And Blake Griffin Proposed In A 3-Way Deal

A potential 3-way deal recently surfaced in the NBA that includes Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin. According to a report, the deal will send Westbrook to the Golden State Warriors. A team that is looking forward to reaching the finals next season. The deal will also send Blake Griffin to the Houston Rockets, a team looking forward to a rebuild. The Rockets are currently in the talks of trading their superstar, James Harden, to the Brooklyn Nets. Harden recently went headlines after he reportedly expressed his desire to be traded in the Nets. Due to this, the Rockets are most likely going to take Blake Griffin as a replacement for Harden and Westbrook’s roles as scorers.

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Warriors Can Easily Take Westbrook

Houston Rockets point guard Russell Westbrook is one of the most explosive players in the league today. He’s an all-around player who can shoot threes and attack the rim with his dunks. The proposed 3-way deal suggests that the Golden State Warriors can easily obtain Russell Westbrook by trading Andrew Wiggins and Kevon Looney to the Detroit Pistons, while the Houston Rockets obtain Blake Griffin. Westbrook will serve as Stephen Curry’s partner next season while Klay Thompson is recovering from his torn right Achilles tendon.

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NBA: Pistons Would Receive Two Key Players For Griffin

The Detroit Pistons have been struggling over the past couple of years. They missed this year’s NBA playoffs due to their bad record. The Pistons also lost by a 4-game sweep to the Milwaukee Bucks during the first-round series of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Even with Blake Griffin’s arrival, the Pistons are still having problems.

With the potential 3-way deal, Pistons might obtain two key players that can alter their bad record in the league. Andrew Wiggins plays in the small forward position. He’s one of the best slasher forwards who can also hit threes. On the other hand, Kevon Looney is a very reliable 6-foot-9-inch center who can dominate inside the paint, which is a good replacement for Griffin’s role. If the 3-way deal happens, the Pistons will be a very dangerous team.

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