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’90 Day Fiance’: Eric Nichols Just Giddy Over His New Abs (Pic)

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90 Day Fiance ex-star Eric Nichols appears tickled pink over his all-new muscular body but those muscles don’t seem to be the result of hard work. No, it’s more of a cut-and-paste job for Larissa Lima’s rebound guy, according to the buzz online.

It’s no secret that Eric was slim during his 90 Day Fiance filming.  He became very stressed during Larissa’s cosmetic surgeries. In one of their episodes, he had to watch Larissa suffer from pain due to multiple operations.

Now that Larissa has fully recovered, Eric seems to focus on his body just like his girlfriend. But it looks like the no-pain-no-gain theory doesn’t fit this 90 Day Fiance boyfriend. It’s more like “have-glue-will-paste.”

The couple shares photos online this week with some crossing that gray line of possibly being a bit too sexual. But most shows Eric with what reports deem – silicon abs.

90 Day Fiance: Throwback To Eric’s Slim Body

90 Day Fiance ex-star Eric Nichols was very slim back in the days. As a matter of fact, his photo from September 8, 2020, shows his non-muscular body. Aside from that, Eric was often criticized for his unmanly gestures.

In a social media post, Eric shared a video of him seductively dancing over a table, revealing what some 90 Day Fiance fans call “feminine body movements.”

90 Day Fiance Eric Nichols 2

Now, Eric seems to prove that he’s not soft but rather toned. Check out his amazing body transformation below. If the fake-abs reports are true, you have to admit technology is amazing today.

Eric’s Body Improvements

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance ex-star Eric Nichols reveals his buffed body. His six-pack abs are now more noticeable than before. If these abs were indeed real, it seems that Eric took only a month to achieve such a transformation. But that doesn’t seem possible.

His photos from September shows a slimmer version of him when compared today. Eric’s girlfriend, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, is known for her body goals. Despite having different ways of achieving their ideal bodies, it clear to see that they share a lot in common.

90 Day Fiance Eric Nichols 1

90 Day Fiance: Updates On Eric And Larissa

TLC’s ex-star Larissa Dos Santos Lima recently deleted a lot of her old photos on her social media. It’s no secret that Larissa was fired by TLC for her decision in joining an adult webcam site.

Now, Larissa and Eric are doing other stuff for living. The two have completely removed TLC from their lives and are now focusing on their adult social media accounts, where they make extra income. It’s no secret that 90 Days Fiance pays very little in comparison to other reality shows. So maybe the couple will do just fine financially.

90 Day Fiance Eric Nichols Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Furthermore, Larissa started her full-body workout recently. In a social media post, the now ex-TLC celeb announced that she finally started working out after 9 weeks of recovering from her tummy tuck.

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