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’90 Day Fiance’: Robert And Anny Celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary

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90 Day Fiance stars Robert and Anny Springs celebrate their first wedding anniversary but it took some ups and downs to get to this point. Things didn’t run smoothly, as even Anny’s arrival in America brought unfortunate surprises. Starting with the 90 Day Fiance celeb finding out about Robert’s financial situation.

Aside from that, Anny’s behavior bothered Robert during their early days especially when Anny asked Robert to visit a strip club. Fortunately, the couple managed to work things out and is now celebrating their one year of marriage.

90 Day Fiance: Robert Sends Sweet First Wedding Anniversary Message To Wife

90 Day Fiance star Robert Springs expressed his feelings by posting a sweet Instagram message to his wife, Anny Springs. According to Robert, he’s thankful to be a part of Anny’s life. He also added, “I appreciate you every day through the good times and the bad times.” Fans were in awe after reading his romantic thoughts about his wife.

90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs

On the other side, Anny also posted several wedding photos of her and Robert. She also sent him a Spanish message saying, “mi mejor regalo me diste mi princesa Aaliyah I love u.” When translated, it says “my best gift you gave me my princess Aaliyah I love u.”

Robert Holds The Fastest Proposal In The History Of The Show

90 Day Fiance star Robert Springs currently holds the fastest time of proposal in the show. During their first meeting, Robert actually proposed to his now-wife, Anny Springs. It only took the couple 8 hours to be engaged. Some might say that it’s way too fast and they haven’t known each other yet.

However, the couple had been talking to each other online through video chat and phone calls. So, they knew each other pretty well but nothing is like knowing the everyday life of someone in person.


90 Day Fiance: Robert And Anny’s Ups And Downs

90 Day Fiance stars Robert and Anny Springs started off with a quick engagement but tough times followed. During their time together in the U.S, Anny got upset when Robert took her into a second-hand clothing store. Then Robert started to think that Anny was ungrateful for all the things he gave her. He also worried that nothing seems to be enough for Anny. but then on the other hand Anny has never been quiet about loving the finer things in life. So a second-hand store put Anny into a tizzy.

In addition to their problem, Anny also had some heated moments with Robert’s son Bryson’s grandparents. Stephanie Woodcock is a well-known adult film star.  At one point, Anny called Robert’s grandmother, Stephanie, disgusting because of her adult actress career. There’s also a point where Anny demands Robert to delete her exes’ photos on his social media. Robert later revealed that he had five kids with four different women. These adding tons of fuel to an already burning argument.

Despite all the arguments, Robert and Anny managed to survive and they were even blessed just recently with their own child. A beautiful baby named Brenda Aaliyah and little sister to Bryson.

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