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Marjorie Taylor Greene Accused Of Asking For A Civil War

Marjorie Taylor Greene is no stranger to controversy. In fact, it appears there are times when she outright courts it. That certainly seemed to be the case Late Monday night when the congresswoman from Georgia took to Twitter.

The politician posted a poll from her account that raised more than a few eyebrows. She seemed to be polling her followers on whether or not the United States should enter into another civil war.

It also appears she might have gotten around to asking the question directly. “Should America have a national divorce?” the post read. However, it took no time at all for people on Twitter to realize what she’s looking for.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Knows Her Audience

Not only did the lawmaker appear to be fishing for a particular answer, she seemed to understand her audience.

As of Tuesday morning, more than half of 13,892 respondents said the United States should divorce. Around 38% were against the idea and 10% were undecided. However, by Tuesday night, the poll had shifted. Of the more than 61,000 people who responded, 43 percent said the country should “divorce” and divide up by Republican and Democratic states. 47 percent said there shouldn’t be any sort of splitting up. 9.7 percent said they were undecided on whether or not the United States should no longer be united.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
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Some commenters said Greene, a Donald Trump loyalist who has a history of pushing racist conspiracies, was inciting violence with her post. Others pointed out why splitting America won’t work.

Other users called out Marjorie Taylor Greene for the way in which she was conducting herself.

“There’s no such thing as a Red or Blue state. Each state is a mixture of both, even within families,” one follower wrote. “You should know this.”

“How will Red States financially support themselves without Blue States contributions?” another asked rhetorically.

Another seemed to have seen that question and answered it, though probably not with the answer Marjorie Taylor Greene was hoping an answer would come.

“Red states could not support themselves without the federal tax dollars paid by blue states,” they wrote. Be careful what you wish for Magda.”

Egging On The Naysayers

It seems likely that Marjorie Taylor Greene knew exactly what she was doing with the question. That didn’t stop people from making sure she knew exactly how they felt about the inquiry.

“I know this is difficult stuff but our country is named the United States of America,” another commented. “Get it, United? You should work to unite instead of divide.”

Finally, one user tried to hit the congresswoman where it hurt. They decided to try and make sure she knew they didn’t consider her much of a patriot.

That, of course, has been a sticking point with Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has claimed she’s a true patriot and people like Joe Biden are traitors to the country.

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