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Laura Loomer Is Learning What’s Worse Than Bad Fajitas

While America is pretty divided on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, most people can agree on one thing. That the country is divided.

One of the people who is responsible for dividing the country, Laura Loomer has done so by denying the severity of the disease and pushing against vaccination.

Loomer, who is banned on Twitter, has constantly appeared on other social media to spread her message. Perhaps most famously, in this regard, she once posted that she believes a bout of food poisoning would be worse than getting COVID.

In fact, in that post, she said that she wanted to get the disease. That way, she could attest to eating bad fajitas would be worse.

In what is one heck of a “be careful what you wish for” allegory, Loomer announced earlier this week that she has indeed become infected with the coronavirus. It also appears that it’s not so easy to deal with as the political activist first claimed.

In yet another social media post, Loomer wrote about how bad she’s feeling as she battles the illness.

“Just pray for me please,” she wrote. “Can’t even begin to describe how brutal the body aches and nausea that come with COVID are. I am in so much pain, this is honestly the worst thing about it.”

Laura Loomer
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It should come as no surprise that there were several people on Twitter who found Loomer’s revelation a bit humorous.

Laura Loomer The Butt Of Many Jokes

Some who were making fun of the woman who is also considered an anti-muslim activist talked about covid as though it were a person that needed to be protected from her.

Others wished Loomer a speedy recovery, if only because she has long made a fool of herself, in their eyes.

“I hope Laura Loomer has a full physical recovery and returns soon to beclowning herself in court and in public,” one Twitter user wrote. “I don’t hope, because it’s not realistic, that she’ll learn anything or use her platform responsibly about COVID, though that would be nice.”

Learning Her Lesson?

For her part, the activist seems to be trying to stick to her anti-vaccine belief system. Loomer posted shortly after her request for prayers that she’s taking a cocktail of different drugs in order to try and fight off the infection.

She added that she’s taking advantage of Florida’s monoclonal antibodies treatment of the disease. Indeed, she doubled down on her anti-vax stance. She said she would still not be taking the vaccine, even after she recovers, because she does not feel it is safe.

That would seem to indicate that she isn’t going to change her behavior. However, the illness does seem to have changed her mind on how bad COVID-19 is.

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