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New Trump Membership Cards Reminding Some Of Third Reich

Donald Trump and his supporters have come up with a new kind of membership card for his supporters. There’s just one problem. Several people believe the design on it is quite reminiscent of the Third Reich.

For those not familiar with the team, the Third Reich was what the Nazis considered themselves. It was a term that meant Third Empire and was what Adolph Hitler believed would be the way he’d take over the world. He believed the Nazis were the successors to the Holy Roman Empire from 800-1806 and the German Empire of 1871 – 1918.

Of course, the United States and several other countries fought and eventually defeated the Third Reich in World War II.

In a fundraising email sent out Wednesday, Trump’s Save America PAC asked Trump’s fans to select their favorite of four designs for a new membership card.

“We’re about to launch our Official Trump Cards, which will be reserved for President Trump’s STRONGEST supporters, and we have some very exciting news to share with you,” read the email.

Trump himself thought the cards were “BEAUTIFUL” and wanted the American people to decide which one they preferred, because “they ALWAYS know best!” according to the email.

But people who clicked on the image of the cards were redirected to a donations page and asked to contribute at least $50 to the political action committee.

Trump’s Third Reich Looking Cards Cause Thoughts

While there were several designs, one stood out among the four. The card with a golden eagle with his wings spread reminded many on Twitter of the eagle symbol the Third Reich used in its propaganda material.

Others noticed that while the cards were offensive and distressing enough, there were also typos.

Several people on Twitter blamed Stephen Miller of the design. However, there’s no indication he had a hand in the cards. He has long been considered racist by members of the left wing. It’s possible that’s where the idea he was also involved in this membership card came from.

Yet another Twitter user pointed out that trends on the social media site were portending a long day.

Cries To Do Something About It

While most people were busy joking about the cards, some were flabbergasted. There is still a great deal of liberals and Democats who wonder why Trump hasn’t been arrested. Memos released earlier this week showed he pressured the US Attorney General to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election.

Meanwhile, his campaign is also sending out fundraising emails and offering these cards. Indeed, some users were confused how he was still running free.

However, most people were still caught up by the symbol sent out by Trump’s campaign.

For now, the former President’s Super PAC has been quiet about how that choice was sent out.

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