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Matt Gaetz Ridiculed After Recent Campaign Stop Looks Rigged

Matt Gaetz has spent the last few days barnstorming across his home state of Florida. The Republican congressman is both trying to win re-election and rally others against Joe Biden. While his Saturday campaign event looked well attended, some people noticed something odd. After further examination, social media users noticed that it appears the congressman used a fake backdrop to make it appear as if more people were in attendance.

That fake backdrop was just the beginning of what was a cascade of ridicule.

Some people decided to make jokes at Gaetz’s expense. Others used the opportunity to point out that he has some actual character flaws. At one point, a less than happy hashtag started trending on his behalf. #MattGaetzisarapist started getting quite a bit of steam early on Sunday morning and is still going quite strong.

What everyone seems to be able to agree on is that Twitter users don’t have a lot of love for the Trump-supporting lawmaker. This isn’t the first time he’s trended on Twitter for the wrong reason. It does appear to be the first time it’s been this particular reason. The fake backdrop appears to be a new addition to his barnstorming. His opponents were quite fond of making fun of it.

Matt Gaetz Lying About Turnout?

People didn’t notice the trick Matt Gaetz was pulling at first. It took a couple of people looking closer before it became clear.

Gaetz seemed to have set up cardboard cutouts behind him. There was even a picture of former president Donald Trump in the mix. It was that picture, in fact that might have first tipped people off something was up.

Other Twitter users pointed out there were many, many reasons to make fun of Gaetz.

Others talked about his ripping into capitol police. At one point during his campaign stop, he wondered why they had set up an office in Florida. The congressman seemed not to realize they were there to protect him. He blasted them being there, perhaps thinking they were investigating him.

The Covid Discussion

Another part of Gaetz’s campaign stop had to do with discussing the pandemic. Gaetz talked about getting a variant that “affects your brain.” It’s though he meant that he was smarter than most about the situation.

Others thought it was rather funny that he didn’t bother to explain just what he meant. Others thought it was interesting how he tended to accidentally admitted some truths about the disease.

Finally, some people expressed frustration that there seemed to be plenty of evidence against him. With these kinds of hashtags trending, some people just want there to finally be charges filed against Gaetz and finally send the man to jail.

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