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CNN Blasted For January 6 Riots Deep Dive

As the media does more deep dives on just what caused the January 6 riots and what the rioters are really like, CNN was blasted on social media for making them look a bit too relatable. One popular Twitter user who goes by EmptyWheel on the social media site lambasted the network on Monday morning.

“I won’t link but CNN has done a massive project that packages up the lives of the people who assaulted our democracy on Jan 6,” she wrote. “Does very little debunking of their conspiracies, and does strive to empathize with all of them. Why?”

She went on to talk about one rioter specifically mentioned, Amy Kremer. The Twitter user said CNN talked more about Kremer’s private life. The network shed light on her “being a mom” without talking about how she aided the insurrection. She also helped plan the storming of the Capitol building.

“I mean, hell,” she added.  “If you’re going to do profiles, do profiles of the custodial staff who had to clean shit up off the walls of the Capitol. Include one of the cops who remains disabled. Include the staffers who were hiding in terror under a table.”

It didn’t take long at all for other Twitter users to voice their agreement with the post. Many said they’d rather see the CNN special report the user described.

CNN Offers Sympathy For The Wrong People

Other social media users quickly explained why they didn’t agree with the network’s point of view.

One said they don’t side with the protestors, especially because they were trying to “undermine demoncracy.”

Another user said they felt the same way. They also thought that the network made the people who carried out the insurrection as “characters.” They added it was like some “fun adventure tale,” rather than people trying to overturn the results of an election.

Still another Twitter user said the network should have included a segment on Representative Andy Kim. The Congressman spent quite a bit of time cleaning up in the aftermath of the insurrection.

Commercial Media The Problem

One social media user thinks the report was intentional in order to keep advertisers.

“What do you expect from commercial media?” They wrote. “Humanism sells commercials, and these placate the sympathizers. Maybe its akin to interviewing the murderer b4 execution, or more likely, just entertainment.”

However, most felt as though the network was just doing things the wrong way. Users also believed the report fed into “revisionist history” that is being carried out by other entities too. Several Republican congresspeople have engaged in that kind of behavior.

Some reps even claimed the riots were just like any other tourist visit. Those upset with CNN believe the network is helping push those claims forward.

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