What is the official net worth of the British Royal Family?
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Can You Guess The Net Worth Of Britain’s Royal Family?

As fans and critics of the British Monarchy know, the Royal Family is fabulously wealthy. While they are maybe not on the same level as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, they do pretty well for themselves. We now have an idea of the net worth of the senior royals, with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth coming out tops. Let’s have a look at how much money the Royal Family earns and holds in net-worth these days.

Net worth of the British Royal Family

According to Forbes, Prince Charles is among the top earners in the Royal Family, who are worth a tidy $28 billion (£20 billion) combined. Of this, $704 million (£500 million) belongs to Queen Elizabeth in personal assets. Obviously, these assets will pass down to Charles when he becomes king.

Prince Charles is a senior member of the British Royal Family
Prince Charles is a senior member of the British Royal Family [Image @RoyalFamily/Twitter]
The Prince of Wales derives income primarily from his Duchy of Cornwall estate. The estate owns a significant amount of land and properties, worth almost $1.4 billion (£1 billion) in total. Interesting to note, however, that despite its name, only 13 percent of the estate is located in Cornwall. The balance of the estate is spread out over 23 countries of England and Wales.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton [Image @dukeandduchessofcambridge/Instagram]
According to the Duchy of Cornwall website, the vast majority of its income supports public duties and charity works. This includes the duties and charitable work of Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwell. It also includes the work of his son Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle demoted on royal.uk website
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle demoted on royal.uk website [Image CBS/YouTube]
Prince Charles’ other son, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle used to be involved in the work of the Duchy of Cornwall. However, since they stepped back from royal duties and moved to California, this no longer applies.

The Duchy of Cornwall

The official website of the Duchy of Cornwall states that since 1337, the revenues from the Duchy have normally passed to an eldest surviving son and heir. However, if there is none, the revenues are passed on to the Sovereign. The revenues can then be spent as the Heir or the Sovereign sees fit.


However, the Prince of Wales chooses to use a substantial proportion of his income from the Duchy estate in charitable work. In fact, it meets the cost of his public and charitable work, along with the public and private lives of his family and their children.

The Duchy is not Charles’ sole income, as he also receives funding from the Sovereign Grant. This meets the running expenses of the Queen’s official household, as well as covering the maintenance of the Royal Palaces in England.

Who is the hardest-working member of the Royal Family?

Among the senior working royals, Princess Anne was considered to be the hardest-working member of the Royal Family in 2020. In fact, despite the COVID-19 lockdown, the Princess Royal carried out 148 official engagements.


According to the Court Circular, the official record of past Royal engagements, Anne spent 145 days carrying out these public duties. Prince Charles comes in second place as the hardest-working royal member. He is followed by their mother, Queen Elizabeth in third place.

Prince Charles beat Princess Anne in 2019

However, in 2019, Prince Charles beat Princess Anne, as he completed more engagements than any other royal that year. In fact, Charles, 72, attended a grand total of 521 functions in 2019. This apparently took into account engagements in both the UK and overseas. It seems he also had a busy time traveling that year. He is said to have visited Barbados, Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean, as well as Germany, New Zealand and India that year.

Queen Elizabeth has a secret trick to keep on her feet all day at royal engagements
Queen Elizabeth has a secret trick to keep on her feet all day at royal engagements [Image @RoyalFamily/Twitter]
In total in 2019, the Royal Family undertook 3,567 royal engagements. Anne was in second place, having attended 506 engagements. Meanwhile, Anne and Charles’ younger brother, Edward, completed 308 engagements. The Queen undertook 295 royal engagements in 2019. This was followed by 220 engagements for Prince William, 126 for Kate and 83 for Meghan Markle.

At least, we mere plebs now know that the Royal Family does do some hard work for its remarkable net worth.

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