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What Royal Family Rule Says Prince George May Never Be King?

Prince George is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest child. He is also currently third in line in the Royal Family for the British throne. In fact, George, 7, is behind his grandfather Prince Charles, 72, and his dad, Prince William, 38 in the line of succession. As Will’s eldest son, this makes it sound like he will definitely be king. However, a royal expert has dashed George’s hopes of taking the throne.

Prince George third in line to be king

The Royal Family is breaking a few records lately, with Prince Charles already the oldest heir apparent to the throne. Meanwhile, his mother, Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning monarch in history.

Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family have updated their social media profiles
Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family have updated their social media profiles [Image @RoyalFamily/Twitter]
The Queen has been on the throne for 69 years and, at the age of 95, there is no sign of her stepping down. In fact, in 2022, Her Majesty is set to mark her Platinum Jubilee, where the UK will celebrate her incredible 70-year reign. This is where the problem lies for Prince George, with three royal reigns to go before he can ascend to the throne.

Meanwhile, the politics and society in the UK have undergone great changes, from rapid globalization to the technological revolution. According to one royal expert, interest in the British monarchy is declining.

The monarchy could be abolished

Clive Irving is a royal expert and the author of The Last Queen: How Queen Elizabeth II Saved the Monarchy. Irving believes the monarchy could be abolished long before George gets the chance to accede to the throne.

Speaking to The Express, Irving said before you can assess how William, and later George, might accede to the throne there are things to consider. He said you have to allow for the way the monarchy will look under King Charles and whether it can survive his reign.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with Prince George, Prince Louis and
Prince William and Kate Middleton with family [Image @dukeandduchessofcambridge/Instagram]
According to Irving, Queen Elizabeth, like her late father, is an exemplary ruler. He said that it is due to her popularity that the monarchy has been able to last so long. The royal expert said that the Queen and her father, George VI, were exceptions in the Windsor line. He said following Queen Victoria, they are the only monarchs to be exemplary in the role.

Prince Charles is a ‘dud’ in the Royal Family?

While he believes Queen Elizabeth and her father were exemplary, Irving doesn’t have the same opinion of the heir apparent, Prince Charles. In his opinion, Prince Charles is a “reversion to the line of duds,” falling far short of the standard set by his mother and grandfather.

However, Irving believes that with the current waning appetite for the monarchy, it could be abolished before Prince George gets to take the throne.

Prince Charles takes over another Royal Patronage from Prince Andrew
Prince Charles takes over another Royal Patronage from Prince Andrew [Image The List/YouTube]
The royal expert explained that polling reveals that younger Britons don’t find the monarchy relevant. Part of this attitude relates to the impression that the Windsors are “too many freeloaders and palace dwellers.”

Irving did say a pared-down monarchy, with fewer palaces, no freeloaders and attractively modern family heads could make it work. However, he said that is impossible to judge right now.

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