Prince Harry now has a sense of purpose since moving to California
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Prince Harry Feels California Is His ‘Spiritual Home’ After Royal Break

Bryony Gordon is a journalist, author, and mental health advocate. In an article written for The Telegraph, she revealed that Prince Harry now has a “sense of purpose” after moving to Los Angeles. In fact, the journalist says he now has a “sense of purpose” after leaving the Royal Family. According to Gordon, his anger of the past is gone.

Interview with Prince Harry

On her podcast in 2017, Bryony spoke to Prince Harry about his mental health battle following the death of Princess Diana. In her recent article in the Daily Telegraph, she says Harry has found a sense of purpose since moving into a $14 million mansion in Montecito with Meghan and Archie. She said he now feels a “sense of purpose” after leaving the Royal Family last year.

Gordon says the anger of the past has gone and has been replaced with a “sense of purpose.” She believes that Montecito is not just Harry’s physical home, but also his spiritual home. Bryony said this is because, in his new home, nobody thinks anything of openly discussing their struggles

Gordon added that “the Prince Harry we can’t see” is perhaps the one we don’t want to see. This is the Harry who is getting on just fine, happily following his own path outside of the royal conventions. Gordon described his activities as hiking, taking the dogs to the beach – normal everyday activities for most.

Prince Harry and Archie
Prince Harry and Archie [Image @archewell_sussex_/Instagram]

Harry prepares for his daughter’s arrival

According to Gordon, Prince Harry is preparing for the imminent arrival of his daughter. He is now speaking his truth in the hope of helping those who are unable to. Bryony added that he doesn’t care how “cheesy” anyone might think this sounds.

The author added that the Duke “knows he has critics.” However, she says he has accepted this and this acceptance is what has set him free in many ways. Harry is no longer living in fear of the repercussions of being himself, as he wants and needs to be.

Meghan Markle spoke of her unborn daughter while appearing on Vaxlive
Meghan Markle spoke of her unborn daughter while appearing on Vaxlive [Image The Telegraph/YouTube]

Prince Harry and The Me You Can’t See

Gordon spoke up ahead of the new documentary series, The Me You Can’t See that Harry has been working on with Apple TV+ and Oprah Winfrey. The five-part series is set to premiere later this month. According to Bryony, this will “put to bed” any suggestions that Harry regrets the recent interview with Oprah that aired in March.

Dubbed Oprah with Meghan and Harry, that bombshell interview shocked the world. Harry and Meghan made claims of racism in the Royal Family, as well as the lack of help Markle received when feeling suicidal. During that interview, the former royals also revealed that their expected second child is a girl.

Readers can watch the documentary series when it airs on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 21.

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