The British Monarchy might not outlast Prince William according to Hilary Mantel
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British Monarchy May Not ‘Outlast Prince William,’ Author Says

Dame Hilary Mantel, a two-time Booker prize-winning writer, has spoken up about the British monarchy. According to the author of the Wolf Hall trilogy, the British monarchy is heading into its “last era” and that it may not “outlast” Prince William.

British monarchy in its ‘last era’

As Royal fans know, the British Royal family has recently been rocked by scandal. Firstly, it was the association of Prince Andrew with the disgraced financier, Jeffrey Epstein. More recently, the British monarchy has had to bear with the backlash from the interview between Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Even more recently, the Royal Family has suffered through the sad passing and funeral of Prince Philip.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Dame Hilary Mantel, 68, said she thinks it is “the end game” for the British monarchy. She said she doesn’t know how much longer the institution will go on. Mantel says she is not sure it will outlast Prince William, so she thinks it will be their “last big era.”

According to the author, she wishes Queen Elizabeth had felt able to abdicate, as Prince Charles has had to wait such a long time.

Queen Elizabeth the only person who believes in the monarchy

Mantel said she wonders if the Queen is the only person who really believes in the monarchy now. She stressed that she is sure Her Majesty believes in it with “all her heart.”

This isn’t the first time the author has caused an uproar relating to the British monarchy. Back in 2013, she said the Queen sees her job as a “sacred task” and that she is now in a lonely position.

In an earlier interview with the Telegraph, Mantel said the Queen believes she cannot stop being a monarch. She said Elizabeth had made promises to God. Mantel said it was such a cliché to say this. Next, Mantel remarked on what a lonely position the Queen is in.

Mantel added that it’s a conflict because the world sees the Royal Family as a “branch of show business.” However, she is sure that is very far from the Queen’s own thinking.

Hilary Mantel criticized by PM David Cameron

Mantel was criticized by then-Prime Minister David Cameron back in 2013. This was after she alluded to Kate Middleton in a speech at the British Museum in London. Mantel later defended her remarks, saying her speech had been taken out of context.

Later, Mantel told the BBC that her lecture was actually supportive of Kate and the Royal Family. Mantel believed her negative perception of Kate was the creation of the tabloid press.

Mantel’s reference came as she was asked to name a famous person and to choose a book to give to them. Her choice was to give the book Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution to Kate. Mantel explained that she didn’t believe Britain was heading for a revolution. What she said was that she actually saw Kate Middleton becoming a “jointed doll on which certain rags are hung.”

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