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Prince Harry Might Not To Return To UK To Unveil Princess Diana’s Statue

Prince Harry reportedly received a “frosty” reception at Prince Philip’s funeral last week. The reception was due to the bombshell interview with himself and Oprah Winfrey. Due to that, he may find an excuse not to return to the UK. Harry is set to attend with his brother Prince William for the unveiling of a statue to their mother, Princess Diana.

Statue of Princess Diana

A statue of Prince Harry and Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, is set to be unveiled on July 1. This tribute comes on what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday. While the Duke of Sussex was set to travel to the UK for the unveiling, alongside his brother Prince William, this may not happen.

According to a royal expert, Harry received a “frosty reception” from some members of the Royal Family at Prince Philip’s funeral. While the unveiling of the statue will be a moving moment, the Duke of Sussex may not turn up. In fact, the uncomfortable reception he received would put him off returning to the UK any time soon.

Princess Diana and Prince Harry
Princess Diana and Prince Harry [Image CBS/YouTube]

Prince Harry shocked by ‘frosty reception’

As noted by Devon Live, Russell Myers, the royal editor of the Daily Mirror told talkRADIO that some quarters of the family did give him a “frosty reception.” Myers believes this may have shocked Prince Harry. Meanwhile, radio host Kevin O’Sullivan commented that Harry did look “very out of sorts” during his stay in the UK.

O’Sullivan said he was wondering whether Harry received a very cold reception. He had read that some members of the Royal Family had literally blocked Harry and didn’t even talk to him.

Prince William and Prince Harry at Prince Philip's funeral
Prince William and Prince Harry at Prince Philip’s funeral [Image Sky News/YouTube]

Will Harry make an excuse not to attend?

If he was a bit shocked by the cool reception he got from his family, O’Sullivan says this begs the question. Will he return for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s memorial with his brother in July? Or will he “pull out of that?”

Myers responded, saying he has been told Harry is still committed to coming to the event. In fact, he said that both camps are. Myers further stated that Kate and William would certainly welcome him if he wants to come back for the unveiling.

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry
Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry [Image Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]
However, he said while his intention is to come back, it does make you wonder. Even if Meghan has just had a baby, Myers said he could jump on a private jet and make a flying visit. However, the birth of his daughter could make a convenient excuse not to return and face the family again.

According to Myers, a lot will depend on what happens in the interim period. He reiterated that some members of the family did give him a “frosty reception,” which probably shocked Harry.

Myers went on to say that people don’t yet realize the fallout from the controversial Oprah Winfrey interview. However, once things get back to normal, the Royal Family will start to rethink more carefully. In fact, Myers said this might not be good news for Harry.

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