Prince Harry will attend Prince Philip's funeral
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Prince Harry Misses Meghan Markle While In UK For Prince Philip’s Funeral

Prince Harry is in the United Kingdom to attend his grandfather, Prince Philip’s funeral. This is his first visit to the UK in more than a year. However, Meghan Markle had to stay behind with Archie, on doctor’s orders, due to her pregnancy. This led to Harry missing Meghan and FaceTiming her and their son constantly. In the meantime, there are concerns over what Harry will wear to the funeral on Saturday. This is due to the fact that he has been stripped of his military honors.

Prince Harry missing Meghan Markle and Archie

Prince Harry is missing his wife, Meghan, while in the UK to attend his grandfather, Prince Philip’s funeral. According to a Royal source, he is FaceTiming Meghan and Archie every day to check-in. Apparently, Harry is concerned about leaving her at this stage of her pregnancy.

Harry arrived on Sunday, April 11, and will stay in the UK for one week. This presumably means he will fly back to California on April 18, the day after Prince Philip’s funeral. Regrettably, Harry won’t be able to spend much time with the Royal family, as he has to quarantine for a full five days prior to the funeral on Saturday.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle [Image @sussexroyal/Instagram]
However, according to a royal reporter, Katie Nicholl, the Royals hope that Harry and William will be able to spend time together to mend their rift. She told ET that senior Royals, and those who know the royals well, believe this is an opportunity for the brothers to “spend some much-needed time together.”

What will Harry wear to the funeral?

Prince Harry is among the small group of 30 who will be attending Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday. Apparently, there is some concern over what he will wear to the sad event. Prince Harry was stripped of his honorary military titles when stepped back from his royal duties. According to speculation, the Duke may be forced to wear a suit at the funeral.

Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Prince William and Prince Andrew are expected to wear their regimented attire. This could leave Harry the odd one out in the family. As the Royal family wouldn’t want any tension during the service, there are theories William could wear a suit to match his brother.

Prince Philip and Prince Harry
Prince Philip and Prince Harry [Image CBS/YouTube]
Apparently, due to Prince Harry’s years of service, he may be allowed to wear his basic military uniform to the event. Apparently, it is up to the Queen to decide what each member of the family will wear.

The funeral for Prince Philip will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday, April 17. The event will be broadcast live on TV in the United Kingdom at 3 pm local time.

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