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Did ‘Witcher’ Henry Cavill Break Quarantine Rules To Be With New Reality Star Girlfriend?

Justice League star Henry Cavill has recently announced he has found love with an American named Natalie Viscuso. However, a savvy fan has determined that perhaps the loved-up couple allegedly violated some strict Covid quarantine rules when hanging out together. This anonymous fan stated that they tracked this based on social media location posts.

What sort of information has come out since this new couple became Instagram official?

Superman Henry Cavill Has Found Love With Former Reality Star

For the past few days, Henry Cavill fans have become bereft over photos of him with his new girlfriend, as well as an Instagram official post. Has Superman found his real-life Lois Lane?

After much speculation, we have learned who his new girlfriend is. She is Natalie Viscuso, whose job happens to be vice president of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment.

Legendary is behind such hits as Enola Holmes, Henry’s recent Netflix series, where he played a very sexy Sherlock Holmes. Some may even remember Natalie from Super Sweet 16, the MTV reality show.

However, the big question is whether the couple has violated strict U.K. Covid rules.

Natalie Viscuso from three weeks ago, snuggling up with a very beefy arm (Henry Cavill?), watching Rugby. https://www.instagram.com/nviscuso/?hl=en
Natalie Viscuso from three weeks ago, snuggling up with a very beefy arm (Henry Cavill?), watching Rugby. https://www.instagram.com/nviscuso/?hl=en

One Fan Believes That New Couple Broke Rules

As can be expected, there are a lot of fans who have theories about Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso. One Instagram fansite, HenryCavillQuotes2 shared on Instagram Stories, one person’s “theory.” That anonymous poster has shared some allegations based on checking on Natalie’s social media geotagging, as well as other assumptions.

“I’m not basing anything on assumptions. The facts are for anyone to see. Fact 1. On Natalie’s profile, she geotagged herself in a photo in Los Angeles just a few weeks ago. (if as you proclaim they have been dating a while, as Henry is such a private person, then she has been traveling back and forth from the states for the past year!)

The fan then added a bit about the social distancing issues. We do know that thanks to one of Natalie’s Instagram posts, she was snuggling up with a very beefy arm to watch some rugby. We can kinda guess whose arms those are! But, if she is traveling around, doesn’t that mess with that whole concept of a “bubble”? The poster seemed to think so.

“Fact 2. They’re in the same room as each other, clearly in a relationship (Ie boinking) and therefore definitely NOT social distancing and Fact 3. Henry himself stated in an earlier post he was in a ‘bubble’ with his hair and makeup team. Fact 4. You can’t have two bubbles!!!”

Moreover, “Fact 5” may now make his Witcher cast and crew, including showrunner Lauren Hissrich, who has a seven-year-old son, a little irate.

“Fact 5 Lauren Hissrich and other crew members have all posted how much they miss their families and haven’t been able to go and see them during [the] production of Witcher 2 due to travel restrictions and the rules on set placed on them to protect the cast and crew and to limit the spread of COVID.”

There have been a lot of strict Covid rules on the Netflix set, as well as in the U.K., which includes 14-day quarantines, staying in bubbles, and limited travel and exposure to others.

Fan theory/allegations on Henry Cavill-https://www.instagram.com/henrycavillquotes2/?hl=en
Fan theory/allegations on Henry Cavill-https://www.instagram.com/henrycavillquotes2/?hl=en

Did Henry Cavill, Natalie Viscuso Break Quarantine Rules?

Did the new celebrity couple break any Covid rules? This poster seems to think so. “Sooooo That therefore draws me to the conclusion that they are breaking the rules, not just the Set Rules but the government’s ones as well. Not a had conclusion to come to, and I’m not the only one that thinks it.”

However, we don’t know whether Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso received vaccinations early, or if they practiced other precautions, or received special permission. We don’t even know how long the couple has been together. They may have been video chatting until recently.

Moreover, we can only hope that The Man From U.N.C.L.E. star clears up any questions about these theories that are right now just allegations.

Henry Cavill Fans, have you uncovered any such allegations?

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  1. “she geotagged herself in a photo in Los Angeles just a few weeks ago”

    I could geotag myself in a photo right now stating I’m on Mars, that doesn’t mean I am. Plenty of people geotag based on where a pic was taken, not their actual current location. #latergram anyone?

    Anyway, who cares. A lot of people – celebs and noncelebs alike – are traveling right now, ~breaking rules~. Unless you’re going to attack them all, then perhaps leave Henry alone. He’s a good lad. He’s fine.

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