Prince Charles is not cut out to lead the royal family
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Royal Commentator Claims Prince Charles ‘Not Equipped’ To Lead Royal Family

A royal commentator has said that Queen Elizabeth II could soon become the last monarch of the House of Windsor. According to Clive Irving, Prince Charles is not equipped to take over from his mother. In fact, he said the Prince of Wales “has none of the Queen’s natural abilities.”

Royal commentator slams Prince Charles

Cornwall Live quotes royal commentator Clive Irving as saying that Charles doesn’t have “those qualities of earning what the Queen has earned.” He said the Queen has “no constitutional authority, but she has a very personal authority.” According to Irvin, she has earned that by simply being a neutral and sympathetic figure, especially as she grew older.

Irving classes her as being sympathetic for the nation in a motherly way. Queen Elizabeth belongs to the very high echelons of the upper class. However, comes across as classless, warm and natural.

According to the royal commentator, Prince Charles has none of those natural abilities. In fact, he leans towards disliking criticism of any kind. Moreover, Irving said he “has the habits of an autocrat” which he believes doesn’t equip him for being monarch.

Prince Charles in training to become the King

The Prince of Wales has reportedly been in training to become the next King of England for almost five decades. He increasingly takes on a number of roles over the years. Recently, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have led efforts to keep the Royal Family in the spotlight. This is due to the fact that the Queen is mostly shielded at Windsor Castle due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the end of the first lockdown in the UK in the summer of 2020, Prince Charles and Camilla were the first members of the Royal Family to resume public duties. This was despite the fact that the Prince of Wales had recently recovered from COVID-19 himself. In March, the royal couple even traveled abroad to represent the Queen at the 200th anniversary of Greek Independence in Athens.

Despite his clear commitment to the Queen and the Royal Family, royal commentators question his position as heir to the throne.

Poll gives preference to William as King

A poll was run following the release of the latest season of the Netflix series The Crown. The poll showed increasing support for Prince William to take over the throne, instead of Charles. According to that poll, 40 percent showed support for William, while Charles received 32 percent support.

However, Newsweek royal reporter Jack Royston said in December that he thinks Prince Charles could take the throne sooner than people think. Other royal experts suggest the Queen may choose to step down when she turns 95, which would make Charles her regent.

Royston said he thinks the Queen won’t want to but will get to the point where she has to hand things over to Charles. He asks, “How do you look your son in the eye and tell him he is not going to be King?”

Should Prince Charles become the Queen’s regent, he would wield the majority of the Queen’s power. However, Her Majesty should remain the official sovereign.

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