Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson made a royal divorce pact
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Princess Diana Made A Secret Divorce Pact With Sarah Ferguson But It Went Wrong

According to a royal insider, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson made a pact. They told each other they would divorce their royal husbands at the exact same time. The source said that Princess Diana agreed to leave her marriage to Princess Charles at the same moment that Sarah Ferguson separated from Prince Andrew.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson made a royal divorce pact

It seems the old saying, “misery loves company” applied to both Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. It is no secret that both ladies were in a bad place in their marriages to the princes. Diana and Sarah bonded over their shared marital misery and made a pact to divorce their royal husbands at the same time. They reportedly conspired to make double trouble for the Royal Family by coinciding their separation dates from their husbands. However, according to the insider source, things didn’t go to plan.

Sarah, popularly known as “Fergie,” was reportedly the first to bring up the idea, after she and Diana bonded over their unhappy relationships.

Princess Di backs out of the divorce pact

It was Lesley Player, Sarah’s father Ronald Ferguson’s mistress, who made the claims. She said Princess Di initially agreed to the pact. However, Diana’s lover, James Hewitt, said she backed out after pressure from the Royal Family.

Woman and Home quotes Hewitt as saying there was no way the Palace would let both royal couples announce their splits at the same time. He said, “Diana had been informed in no uncertain terms that the effect on the Royal Family would be disastrous.”

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson made a royal divorce pact
Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson made a royal divorce pact [Image YouTube]
Diana, who was aware of her husband’s infidelity with his Camilla Parker Bowles, accepted the royal warnings. She decided, instead, to attempt to make her marriage to Charles work. On the other hand, Fergie wouldn’t step back from separating from Prince Andrew.

Photos of Fergie and her lover, Steve Wyatt, had been printed in the British tabloids. Due to this fact, she knew there was no way to save her marriage. Sarah and Prince Andrew confirmed their split in March 1992, which marked the end of her obligation to royal engagements.

Princess Diana avoided Sarah Ferguson

Following the warnings, Princess Di limited her contact with her format pact mate after she left Andrew. She decided to focus her energies on saving her relationship with Charles. However, her efforts were sadly unsuccessful, as Prince Charles’ ongoing affair with Camilla Parker Bowles had continued since their marriage in 1981. Princess Diana and Prince Charles officially announced their separation in December 1992. They went on to divorce four years later.

It is rather ironic that Diana’s youngest son, Prince Harry, is now causing havoc with the royal family after he and Meghan Markle left their royal duties.

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