Meghan Markle could have ambitions to become US President
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President Meghan Markle? Biographer Tom Bower Thinks She Might Run

Biographer Tom Bower has just signed a six-figure deal to write an unauthorized biography of Meghan Markle. Bower believes Markle, 39, sees herself as going into politics. In fact, he believes she would run for the top job of US president. However, the biographer also believes she would “struggle” with the amount of criticism leveled at politicians. If Markle runs, she would need to learn how to “take the heat.”

Meghan Markle for president?

Tom Bower has signed a six-figure deal to write Meghan Markle’s unauthorized biography. He has recently shared his opinion of the Duchess. Bower thinks Markle sees herself as going into politics. He believes that after masterminding a new life for herself and Harry, she has a “good chance” of in politics. However, Bower stresses that Meghan would need to learn how to be a “team player” in order to build up a team of loyal staff. This is something she appears to have had issues with during her time in the royal palace.

[Credit: ABC News/YouTube]
[Credit: ABC News/YouTube]
The biographer stresses that because Meghan is “sensitive,” she would “struggle” with the barrage of criticism experienced by politicians. Should she choose to get into politics, Markle would have to learn how to “take the heat” as public figures receive the worst backlash from the media.

The Mirror quotes Bower as telling Closer, “The prospect of Meghan running for president is possible and I’d even say likely. I really believe it’s where she sees herself going.”

 The Duchess of Sussex has ‘all the qualities’

Bower is known for his scathing, unauthorized biographies of such people as Prince Charles, Boris Johnson and Robert Maxwell. Citing her drive, self-confidence and ambition, he said Meghan Markle has “all the qualities” required for a strong political candidate.

The biographer also believes the former Suits star has had her moment in the acting world and is now aiming for a life in politics. Bower referred to the multi-million dollar Spotify and Netflix deals secured by Meghan and Harry. He said when she wants something done, it happens. However, he also referred to the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey that made headlines around the world.

Oprah with Meghan and Harry
Oprah with Meghan and Harry [Image CBS/YouTube]
From that interview, Bower sees that Markle is “clearly sensitive.” He says if she believes she has had a rough ride with the media so far, politicians face a barrage of criticism daily. In fact, Bower believes that public figures face the most backlash from the press. He said he really thinks she would “struggle” and would need to “learn to take the heat.”

Meghan Markle needs to be a team player

Bower added that should she get voted in and build a campaign, Markle would need to learn how to be a team player. This is the only way she would be able to build up a team of loyal staff.

Reports in the media refer to Meghan’s staff members quitting while at the palace and she has been accused of bullying palace aides, something she denies. According to Bower, this makes it clear she doesn’t seem to be able to “hold onto her team.”

It has been reported that the Sussexes’ chief of staff and executive director of Archewell, Catherine St Laurent, has quit. They had head-hunted her from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, she quit after only 11 months on the job. According to inside sources, St Laurent “wanted out.” This was after finding she had to “fulfill a great many functions for the couple” she considered were outside of her contract. During their time in the palace, Harry and Meghan lost at least two PAs and other key staff from their private office.

Despite everything, Bower did say he thinks she has a “good chance of getting into the White House.” He said perhaps she will get to visit the UK to have “tea with the Queen one day as President of the United States.”

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