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Prince Harry And Prince William Need To Make Amends, Says Friend

Prince Harry and Prince William have some work to do to repair their relationship. A friend of the younger royal’s said the brothers are struggling right now.

At the center of the problem is a recent interview Harry and wife Meghan Markle gave to Oprah Winfrey last week. In explaining why the couple decided to leave England, they dropped quite a few bombs on the royal family.

According to palace insiders, several members of the family are livid at what was said. Most cutting was Meghan’s assertions that some members are racist. She claimed when she was pregnant with their first child, that she was asked how dark the skin of the infant might be.

Markle, of course, is Black. Harry is White. It appears there were at least a few members of the royal family or their staff that were concerned about this.

On Thursday, Dean Stott, one of Prince Harry’s close friends, told TMZ the brothers need to patch things up. Stott added it’s especially important for Prince Harry to reach out to his older brother.

Earlier this week, William divulged the two haven’t spoken since the interview. Stott believes that signals a rather large rift between the two.

Reuniting This Summer

The friend of Prince Harry made it clear that sooner or later, the brothers are going to see each other again. The pair are scheduled to appear together at several effents this July. The princes are honoring the memory of their late mother, Princess Diana.

The issue, as Stott laid out, is if that’s the first time the two see each other again. If things are so icy that they could go four months without talking, it would be a big issue. It would also make their getting together in the summer more awkward.

Harry’s friend believes if he doesn’t reach out to William soon, things are going to go south quickly. The two brothers are already separated by an ocean. It might seem easy to ignore each other because of that. The confidant believes they have to fight against being comfortable not seeing or talking to one another.

Prince Harry Bombshells Surprised

In regards to what Harry and Meghan said to Oprah, Stott said he was aware of some of the problems they talked about. However, there were others than were quite surprising.

Stott said he, like most of the other viewers, was totally blindsided by the allegations about their kid’s skin color.

Most of the world is now trying to figure out who made the comments. For his part, Stott doesn’t think Harry will ever spill the beans on who. The long-time friend said that family ties will likely keep the prince from driving the knife that far.

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