Trump White House Official Tied To Capitol Riots
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Trump White House Official Reportedly Tied To Capitol Riots

A Trump White House official has reportedly been tied to the January 6, Capitol Riots. More specifically, A member of the far-right nationalist Proud Boys was in communication with a person associated with the White House in the days before the riot. A law enforcement official briefed on the situation told The New York Times.

That official said cell phone information acquired during the investigation of the riots showed several communications. The F.B.I. said it has not been able to figure out what the conversations were about. The agency is also not revealing the name of the Trump White House official, or the Proud Boy operative.

The connection was found by the F.B.I as it intensified its investigation into how the January 6 riots were carried out. The agency is looking into who planned what. It’s also trying to figure out exactly how so many people got into the building so quickly.

Trump White House Official Isn’t Who Some Thought

One person who law enforcement has ruled out as the person tied to the communications is Roger Stone. Some believed the longtime Trump ally was working with both the White House and the Proud Boys to elicit a riot.

The F.B.I says these communications are separate from any of those. This particular Trump White House official isn’t yet known. It’s possible they won’t be if and until charges are filed.

The investigation did confirm and clear up some confusion stemming from that day and the days immediately following.

Liberal attorney Luppe B. Luppen, the author of the popular @nycsouthpaw account on Twitter, pointed back to a tweet sent by CNN reporter Jim Acosta on January 6.

Acosta reported he talked to a “source close to the White House.” That source claimed to be in touch with some of the rioters. For whatever reason, most ignored or forgot the implications of the post. Those who did forget, are being reminded of proof of the ties to the riots by staffers.

Congressional Ties

One piece of the current F.B.I. investigation undercuts claims by Democrats on The Hill. Some lawmakers accused their GOP counterparts of conspiring with the insurrectionists. However, the current investigation hasn’t found any ties.

At the same time, F.B.I. director Andrew Wray has testified his agents are still in the early days of the investigation. He mentioned in testimony that ties and associations between the rioters and others are still being discovered every day.

Some lawmakers are pressing to speed up the investigation. For now, law enforcement has said it is moving as fast as it can.

It isn’t quite clear when the agency will move forward with the recent find. More than a hundred people who stormed the Capitol building that day have been charged. That includes one member of the Trump State Department. This Trump White House official is said to be someone else entirely.

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