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Merrick Garland Confirmation Hearing Raises Questions About Bill Barr’s Reign

Merrick Garland is finally getting his day in front of the US Senate. The former Obama administration’s United States Supreme Court nominee is now Joe Biden‘s nominee for Attorney General.

When he was put up for the court, a Republican-led Senate refused to grant his confirmation hearing. Now, a Democratically led chamber is moving to confirm him to the office of the highest law enforcement officer in the land.

While the hearing seems to be going well for Garland, some questions from Republican senators have been especially interesting to onlookers. More than one Republican asked the nominee whether he would be willing to keep politics out of his decisions.

Several media members and experts wondered why such questions were coming up now. Former Trump Attorney General William Barr was well known as having a political agenda. The some members of the GOP who appear worried about Garland, didn’t seem to have a problem with how Barr operated.

Former US Attorney Joye Alene summed up her issues with the line of questioning on Twitter.

“Sen. Cornyn asks Garland to confirm that politics won’t affect his decisions about prosecutions,” she wrote. “Which Garland, of course, affirms. And all I can wonder is where Cornyn was for the last 4 years?”

Merrick Garland Asked Questions Better Posed To Barr

Alene went on to point out other comments the nominee made that “should have gone unsaid.”

“Garland tells Sen. Klobuchar he will reassure DOJ employees his job is to protect their work from political interference,” she posted. “Again, this should go without saying. Again, this is novel after watching Barr meddle in the Stone, Flynn, etc. cases.”

She was far from the only person noting the ironic line of questions.

Some GOP Senators seemingly ignored the existence of Barr at all.

However, the politicization of the office was only part of the issues some watching the proceedings had with questions.

Republicans Under Fire

Former US Senator Al Franken was one to call out Republicans for other issues with the hearing.

“Interesting that Grassley opened 1st post-election Judiciary hearing with a lie, saying the only reason he opposed Garland’s SCOTUS nomination was that it was too close (9 months) to the election,” Franken wrote. “He didn’t have that problem w/ Coney Barrett (5 weeks).”

Grassley angered other onlookers with his behavior.

“Listening to Chuck Grassley congratulate himself for the way he and the Republicans treated Merrick Garland while Garland has to sit patiently and listen makes me want to throw things across the room.,” one Twitter user wrote.

However, despite the odd questioning, many also believed Garland was comforting himself quite well. They also believed many Republican senators were ready to vote for his confirmation. However, a final vote won’t occur for several days.

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