Ted Cruz Isn't Likable
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Ted Cruz ‘Isn’t Very Likable,’ Says Chris Christie

Ted Cruz isn’t getting any help from a fellow Republican politician these days. The Texas Senator is embroiled in a bit of a scandal after departing the state in the middle of an emergency.

While most of the constituents were dealing with no power and no water, he was heading to Cancun. Then lying about the reason for his trip and how long he’d be there.

All of this has led to the general public bashing Cruz. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie understands why people feel free to bash the senator.

Speaking with host Guy Benson on Fox News Radio, Christie addressed the many memes floating out there of Cruz. Among them is one with a picture of Christie on the beach, and Cruz standing next to him with his luggage in two.

In 2017, Christie was photographed at the beach after closing all beaches in the state due to a budget impasse, making him the subject of criticism and numerous memes himself.

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Get Sympathy

“I have sympathy for anyone in public life with a family who faces those kinds of really difficult decisions on a regular basis,” Christie said. “And I faced them a couple of times when I was governor.” He added that he’d seen the meme of him and Cruz.

“But I will tell you that it’s hard to have sympathy for Ted Cruz,” the former Republican Presidential candidate said. “Because Ted was right on board making fun of me back in 2017 when I had that incident on the beach.”

Christie said the media was piling on Cruz because it likes to attack Republicans. However, there was a specific reason why Cruz was getting so much pressure.

“Ted has just not been a very likable guy.”

Christie said to some degree, the attacks on Cruz appear to be karma. He said the Texas senator had no problem attacking others.

The idea is basically “what goes around, comes around.”

‘Say No To Your Kids’

Former public leaders weren’t the only ones blasting Cruz over the weekend. At least one active leader had some choice words for the politico. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo blasted the senator for his excuse as to why he left.

“We’ve all made poor choices,” Acevedo said during an appearance on CNN. “I think it’s a little tone-deaf. And sometimes you got to teach your kids the word ‘no’ and this probably would have been a good time to tell your kids ‘no, we’re blessed, but we have to wait till we get Texas on our feet’. Again, we’ve all made bad decisions sometimes. As a dad, maybe his heart got the best of him.”

Acevedo’s are perhaps the most direct comments from a universally respected official.

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