Donald Trump Jr Ridiculed For Thinking Texas Governor Is A Dem
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Donald Trump Jr Ridiculed For Thinking Texas Governor Is A Dem

Donald Trump Jr appeared confused when he took to social media to blast Texas’s Democratic Governor. Texas’s governor is a Republican. Greg Abbot has always been a Republican.

He’s quite well known as a far-right Republican. That didn’t stop Trump from trying to rip Democrats. It backfired spectacularly. It took no time at all to blast the son of the former president for his slip-up.

“Hey Putz Junior,” one Twitter user wrote.  “The Governor of Texas is a Republican The state Legislature is controlled by Republicans. Their power grid failure was caused by deregulation and the failure of private corporations to invest capital in their infrastructure.”

Another user pointed out Republicans have been governor of Texas for quite a while.

“The Gov. of Texas is a Republican. The prior Gov. was a Republican,” they posted. “In fact, he went on to run for Pres & advocated elimination of the Dept of Energy so naturally, your Dad put him in charge of that dept. The Gov before that was George W Bush,(1995-2000). 25 yrs of TX GOP Gov’s”

Another user also pointed out the party of the state’s leadership, while ridiculing Trump Jr.

“The governor of Texas is a Republican,” they wrote. “Imagine being the dumbest Trump.”

Did Donald Trump Jr. Mix Up States?

It’s not entirely clear how the former president’s son was confused over who Greg Abbot is, or what party he represents. Considering who else was in the news this week, it seems possible he was talking about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo is under fire for his administration underreporting deaths in nursing homes during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. However, considering he’s not in or from Texas, it seems odd to try and tie him to the Republican-led state.

To be clear, Trump Jr never explained away his comments by admitting the confusion. However, some of his defenders claim he was making a comparison. They claimed he was saying Democrats have no room to talk. It’s also not clear why people shouldn’t focus on both Texas and New York at the same time.

Ted Cruz Defense Falls Flat

Donald Trump Jr’s original goal, when he took to social media, was to try and defend Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz came under fire for going on vacation in Cancun while the rest of his state dealt with a lack of power or water.

He returned home several days early, after the public found out about his trip.

Trump Jr. was claiming that Democrats were attempting to “cancel” Cruz. It was in that defense that he seemed to become confused over who ran Texas. It should be pointed out that not even Ted Cruz tried to “whatabout Democrats” when his vacation was discovered.

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