Satan a hot topic after Rush Limbaugh death
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Satan Is A Hot Topic After The Death Of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh passed away on Wednesday afternoon after battling lung cancer. Not long after the news of the conversation talk show host’s passing, things started circulating on social media. And people from all walks of life were weighing in.

Some celebrated Limbaugh as a hero. Others marked the many, many controversial comments he made. Still, others managed to get Satan trending on Twitter, as they talked about who they believed Limbaugh would be spending his afterlife with.

Twitter can say In Memoriam all they want,” one user tweeted. “The fact that #RushLimbaugh is trending along with #AlexJones and #Satan is the best summary of his life I’ve ever seen.”

Not long after the keyword started trending, more than a few users drew parallels with Alex Jones.

“Satan is going to have a field day with Rush Limbaugh and he’s keeping Hell nice and warm for Alex Jones when he arrives,” a user wrote.

“SCOOP: Satan has agreed to guest host Rush Limbaugh’s radio program until they can get someone worse,” another joked.

“So Rush Limbaugh finally decided to go meet Satan today,” yet another user gleefully posted. “Good riddance.”

Satan himself even joined in on the fun at one point.

Rush Limbaugh Hated

Over his more than three decades on talk radio, Limbaugh was a lightning rod for controversy. In his career, he coined the term “feminazi” and often maligned the back community.

Those antics made him an enemy of liberals and democrats in the country. Many expressed a great deal of glee at his passing.

“Alex Jones is trending on the day Rush Limbaugh died, and I thought there was a twofer,” a Twitter user wrote.

Other users expressed their dislike for the man, simply by not including any other commentary. That approach was largely accepted as a way to not celebrate death, but also make it clear they weren’t mourning the passing.

LGBTQ+ Rights activist Charlotte Clymer commemorated the occasion by posting a lengthy Twitter thread with some of Limbaugh’s most outrageous quotes.

However, the equating of Limbaugh and Satan wasn’t universal. There were several on the right who did indeed mourn his death.

Hailed As A Hero

Early on in the Donald Trump presidency, the talk show host was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That award is among the highest civilian honors in the country. However, more than a few felt as though he wasn’t worthy.

Those on his side of the aisle disagreed. Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shared her own lengthy thread of appreciation.

Indeed, other conservative voices also paid tribute on Twitter.

“My heartfelt condolences and prayers for the family of Rush Limbaugh, who passed away today after a battle with lung cancer,” Franklin Graham wrote. “He was a conservative voice of reason for so many years and will be greatly missed.”

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