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Even Joe Biden’s Dogs Are Throwing Shade At Donald Trump

Who had Joe Biden’s dogs on their Bingo card for “best shade thrown at Donald Trump?” On Saturday, a parody account claiming to represent Champ and Major took to Twitter again to unleash a burn against the former President.

The account, known as The Oval Pawffice has become quite popular in recent days. It’s not known whether the account is truly tied to Joe Biden’s dogs and their minders, or whether it’s someone just smart enough to jump on the doggos’ popularity. Whichever the answer is, the account drew rave reviews for its recent tweet.

The post showed an actual official release from the Biden administration regarding the current president’s health. That release covered a check-up for an injury he received several weeks ago. Biden suffered a sprain of the foot and his doctors said they wanted to make sure it healed properly.

Where the Trump burn came in, was where Joe Biden’s dogs decided to make sure they didn’t take the blame.

“As per my #PawsRelease at the time of the ankle incident, I maintain that I am innocent,” the Twitter post attributed to Major read. “After a thorough investigation by the secret service, I was exonerated of any wrongdoing. It was scientifically proven that my dad caught his leg in that landslide he won by.”

Joe Biden’s Dogs With An Epic Burn

No, Major didn’t write the tweet. However, plenty of Biden’s followers enjoyed the good-natured ribbing of Trump. The former President of the United States is well known for claiming “landslide” victories of his own.

It appears the account was seizing on that with its wording. Claiming to be exonerated of any wrongdoing was also almost certainly a callback to Biden’s predecessor. Trump routinely claimed he was exonerated of wrongdoing when his congressional allies bailed him out.

After the “burn” several of the account’s followers were quick to celebrate the post.

“Major and Champ are the best good boys, and this is top-notch content that I am *here* for,” one follower wrote. “And … ‘adhering to a strict […] regime’ is like music to my ears, don’t even care that it’s about physical therapy”

Other followers posted pictures of their own dogs to express solidarity.

Trump Post Points Out Problems

Most found the post by Joe Biden’s dogs purely jovial. However, some truth remained buried in the joke.

The former president also used those terms in order to discredit his opponents. He also used those terms to try and keep the White House.

However, making them into a joke might be the account’s way of moving past the Trump presidency. There’s often some kind of therapy in remembering damage done in this way.

While there were some Trump followers commenting in this thread, they were almost all drowned out by supporters, simply wanting to enjoy the “dogs'” post.

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