Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Twitter
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Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes On Attack Against Twitter After Suspension

Just hours after Marjorie Taylor Greene was allowed to post on Twitter again, she made it clear how she felt about the social media giant. The Congressperson from Georgia unleashed a long thread on the site, detailing its hypocrisy.

Greene started the thread with a simple “Dear Twitter,” and then posted more than a dozen tweets detailing her thoughts.

“Contrary to how highly you think of yourself and your moral platitude, you are not the judge of humanity,” Greene wrote. “God is.”

She then sarcastically told Twitter that neither the people who run the site nor their friends in Silicon Valley are God. She added that she knew that was probably hard for them to grasp.

“The tweets that you deem “appropriate” and “safe” and “true,” compared to tweets you deem “inciting violence” and “spreading false information” and “claims of election fraud is disputed” are so many times, in the opinion of many, quite hypocritical and false,” she continued.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Points Out Hypocrisy

Greene then went on to ask the social media giant why they allow a wide range of topics and people she feels go against the site’s terms of service. She pointed out Twitter routinely allows porn, and hashtags like #killtrump. She added Iran’s Ayatollah often uses Twitter to declare how badly he wants to see Israel destroyed. However, Donald Trump was removed from the platform for what she sees as far less.

Trump was removed not long after the January 6 Capitol riots. Several of the president’s critics blasted his tweets as inciting violence. However, Greene pointed to actual and direct calls to violence from Iran’s leaders still allowed.

The Georgia politico went on to attack Twitter for suspending certain accounts. She said the platform picks and chooses when to suspend or ban. Greene added it’s usually when the “Twitter police” calls for help.

Twitter Without Trump

Twitter’s hypocrisy isn’t Greene’s only concern. She also doesn’t enjoy the site as much without Trump around.

“Twitter is becoming boring without President Trump,” she wrote. “You do realize many people, love him, or hate him, created accounts here just bc of Trump.”

Greene added the president’s tweets started tons of great discussions.

“Without debate of ideas, opinions, and arguing truth, Twitter and similar police state platforms will eventually lose,” the newly elected Congressperson tweeted.

She added that Trump’s removal is the first and biggest step down a dangerous path. “Sitting in the judgment seat of whose political opinions are right and wrong … will eventually fall from glory.”

Greene said the fall comes from either over governance or censoring competition.

“The free market allows for new platforms and options where people aren’t harshly judged and canceled,”  Greene wrote. “It’s already in process.”

Greene concluded her thread by invoking America’s founding fathers. “After they fought a revolution, they must have really understood how important free speech really is.”

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