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’90 Day Fiance’: Baby Girl Lisa’s Amputated Toe Sparks Pain and Fury

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days celeb Baby Girl Lisa is not a lady to mess with as she relentlessly guns for a couple of fans who went too far. It’s probably safe to say you wouldn’t want Baby Girl Lisa as an enemy. Especially after watching the 52-year-old in action during her first season of the TLC reality show.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Don’t Mess With Baby Girl Lisa

Baby Girl Lisa has a couple of fans in her scope right now and one of them apparently did her wrong by sharing something about her amputated toe.

This hopeful future bride went to Nigeria to meet the man she fell in love with online. Usman, who is an inspiring rapper, is a few decades younger than Baby Girl Lisa.

Apparently she banged her little toe before leaving on this 90 Day Fiance trip. The way she describes what happened, she banged it hard enough that it had to be amputated. Lisa said when she hit her toe the blood vessels just “exploded,” which cut off the blood supply. So the toe died.

A Long Way From Home While in Pain

Baby Girl Lisa injured the toe before she went to Nigeria so she fought the pain of this injury while she was there. She told Shaun Robinson on the footage from the “Tell All” that leaked last week, just how bad it was. The 90 Day Fiance star said:

“When I left for Nigeria I injured my small toe. It got really bad it swelled up terribly in Africa. I was miserable trying to walk over there. When I returned in December, my surgeon tried to treat it but it kept dying off, so we had to amputate the toe on the 14th. I should have never went to Africa but I did.”

Apparently, when she returned home from her 90 Day Fiance journey she saw a doctor. Because she just returned from Nigeria, the doctors tested her for all kinds of “diseases” she might have contracted while in Africa that could cause an infection.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – It’s Her Story to Tell

In a recent interview with Katie Joy, Lisa called out a fan who is a “wanna-be-blogger.” She did this after seeing what this unnamed person posted. Baby Girl Lisa accuses a blogger of stealing a picture of her foot after surgery. In this photo, Lisa said you can see the stitches.

Baby Girl Lisa mentions the site where this person posted but Katie moves on from this topic She also tells Katie that she’s closing down her social media when the season is done.

Lisa signed up for this 90 Day Fiance season and divulged a lot of personal stuff between her and Usman. People constantly slam this 90 Day Fiance cast member for several things she’s done so far this season. Yet, a picture of her foot with stitches has her furious?

Today it seems Lisa’s missing toe is a topic of conversation across the social media sites. But her anger over this picture works to remind fans she’s not someone you want to make an enemy out of. That’s because Baby Girl Lisa seems relentless when she thinks someone has done her wrong.

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