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‘Little People, Big World’: Amy and Matt Roloff Argue Over The Future – Season 20 Sneak Peek

Little People, Big World stars Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff have been divorced for a few years now. However, the two still have a very unconventional living arrangement. They both own their family farm together. However, Amy has decided to move off the farm after months of indecision. But that only solves one issue.

The couple still is business partners and co-owners of the farm. Matt wants to buy Amy’s interest but again Amy is dragging her feet giving Matt an answer. This season the two former spouses will once again argue over the future of their family business. Here’s a sneak peek of some of what we can expect to see on Season 20 of Little People, Big World.

Little People, Big World – Amy Roloff Accuses Matt Of Being A Salesman

Little People, Big World ex-spouses Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff do not see eye to eye on how to more forward. Amy already sold Matt the land that both his house and hers sat on. However, the two still own the rest of the farmland together. Looks like Matt is taking steps to take over the entire farm.

In fact, Matt starts building a fence he jokes and calls a wall. So Amy feels it’s the beginning of a battle similar to the Hatfields and McCoys. Matt just wants Amy to make a decision— either sell him her half of the farm or he will put the farm up for sale. Matt is persuasive. So, of course, Amy starts questioning what to do. Afterall she knows Matt is quite the salesman. The farm has been part of her life for 30 years. It’s not an easy decision for her and Matt’s pressuring her is only making things harder on her.

A New Chapter | Little People Big World

An engagement, a big move, and a baby?! Sounds like major changes are in store for the Roloffs. Tune in to the new season of #LPBW premiering Tuesday, March 31 at 9/8c!

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Zach Roloff Considers Buying The Farm

Zach Roloff is frustrated by his parents’ bickering say Little People, Big World spoilers. He really enjoyed growing up on the farm and wants his children and nieces and nephews to have the same memories. He’s hopeful the farm stays in the family.

Zach met his wife Tori Roloff on the farm. So almost everything good in his life can be traced back to the farm. So when Tori asks her husband if he wants to buy the farm, Zack was quick to say yes.

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Ok. This is some serious Roloff family business that I’m going to lay out for you all!! … I am the most Blessed Grandpa on the planet earth.. not to take anything away from All the other Blessed Grandpas’ out there in grandpa land… but over the past several days ( I haven’t been on social media much) because we’ve been a bit occupied.. most of you probably know my 3rd grand baby Lilah Ray was born to my son Zach and his amazing wife Tori Over the past several days… I’ve taken a hundred different photos and dozens of videos of all the incredible experiences we’ve had as an extended family. Soon our fourth grand baby will arrive. But this post is about the latest edition to the Roloff family. Lilah is a professional baby.. no other way to say it!’ ..Just like her big brother Jackson and her cousin Ember she is Amazing in every way. She’s beautiful, calm, cool and collected. She eats and sleeps just like a professional baby. Out of the many photos taken over the past few days I choose these to share because they show the family unity that came together to make everything perfect. … And another perfectly crafted individual grandchild enters the world for this very very proud grandpa! #lovelovetoAllthegrandpasoutthere #bringonmoreimready

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Little People, Big World – Amy and Matt Roloff Bury The Hacket

Finally during this upcoming season of Little People, Big World we will see Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff bury the hatchet. They’ve been divorced several years. Both have moved on with new significant others. So now with the birth of their third grandchild, Lilah Roloff, the two bitter exes finally set aside their issues and moved forward. In fact, they even co-babysat their grandson Jackson Roloff while Tori was giving birth.

This season shows major changes for all the Roloffs. There’s an engagement, two births, and Amy’s big move off the farm.

Little People, Big World returns for Season 20 Tuesday, March 31 at 9 pm on TLC.

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