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‘General Hospital ’: Lulu Finds Romance With Dustin-But Who Is He?

General Hospital spoilers remind Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) recently hit the sheets with new guy Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson) aboard the Haunted Star. She met him through an online dating app she was investigating. Although it was done for work she really enjoyed his company.

They shared a few flirtatious moments afterward. After he entertained the kids at Rocco Falconeri’s (O’Neill Monahan) birthday party, Lulu invited him for a tour of The Haunted Star. That’s where things turned frisky. Lulu enjoyed the romp and his company. But what does she really know about him?

General Hospital: Is Dustin Too Good To Be True?

According to GH spoilers, it seems that on the surface, Dustin appears to be a good guy. But Lulu really doesn’t know much about him. She knows he’s a teacher, drives an Uber, is nautically knowledgeable and good in bed. Their relationship is casual at the moment so Lulu may not care to dig into his past but others might.

Lulu’s mother, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and her sleuthing partner Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) burst in on them. This happens just as they get busy in a stateroom on the boat. Afterward, Curtis offered his private investigator services to Laura to check this guy out.

While she turned him down, the offer is probably still on the table. Veteran viewers don’t need General Hospital spoilers to point out how Port Charles newcomers seem to always hide a few secrets. It’s doubtful Dustin would be any different.

GH: Olivia Wants Lulu With Dante – Will She Be A Problem?

General Hospital spoilers recall how Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) was suspicious of Dustin when she watched him with the kids at Rocco’s party. She wasn’t happy when she picked up on Dustin’s fondness for Lulu.

It wasn’t surprising she freaked out when she overheard Lulu and Laura discussing their recent roll in the hay. Lulu’s former mother-in-law was outraged and reminded her the ink wasn’t even dry on her divorce papers.

Lulu informed her she couldn’t put her life on hold any longer for Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). Olivia agreed to mind her business unless Dustin’s presence affected her grandson negatively.

Since Olivia has never been known to butt out, GH spoilers tease Olivia might have Dustin investigated. If she uncovers skeletons will that be the end of Dustin and Lulu?

General Hospital: Will It Be Happiness Or Heartache For Lulu?

General Hospital spoilers know Lulu never wanted to end her marriage to Dante. He gave her no choice so she moved on with her life. Olivia believes Lulu should wait for the ex-husband to come home and isn’t thrilled about Dustin’s growing closeness to Lulu. Will Olivia be a major stumbling block for them? Is Dustin not all that he seems? He could be tied to very bad people in Port Charles. Will Lulu find happiness again with this hunky stranger? Keep watching General Hospital on ABC.

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