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‘Sister Wives’: Christine’s Jab at Kody Gives Away New Season Secret?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to carry over her need to get Kody’s attention from last season on to her social media site today. Fans of the TLC show watched as the third wife of Kody Brown vied for his attention, more so than his other three wives.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Seeks Attention from Kody Brown

Many Sister Wives fans believe that Christine had Kody in mind when she embarked on her drastic weight loss plan. Speaking of a weight loss plan, it seems Christine “ate” according to her blood type. She recently shared just how the Blood Type Diet worked for her, along with exercise.

Sister Wives followers seem all in agreeance that the results from that diet look good on Christine. Fans can’t say enough about the Sister Wives celeb and how she looks fabulous today.

Christine talked about her jealousy when it comes to her shared husband on the last season of Sister Wives. She talked about how hard it is to balance being friends with another woman who sleeps with her husband. But she signed on for this polygamous marriage and Kody Brown having four wives is a part of that plan.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown

When Christine attempted to get close to Kody a few times with the camera rolling last season, he backed off. Although, that is a rule that the leader of this plural marriage shared with fans previously on the show.

He won’t show romantic affection with one wife if there’s a chance the other wives will see it. So, if it’s caught on camera hugging it out with Christine, the others will eventually witness the move.

Hanging Out With A Handsome Man Might Spark Green in Kody?

So when Christine recently posted a picture of herself and a very handsome man, fans took notice. Was this a little jab at Kody Brown along with an attempt to get him jealous? The man was good-looking so if it was, she picked someone that would definitely do the trick.

But it wasn’t so much as to why she did it but what happened after she posted the pick. It seems this man’s name is Doug, which is found in the comment Christine posted with the photo. Apparently, it was his birthday so she gave a shout-out for his special day.

Sister Wives: A Nudge at Kody – New Season Clue

But the fact that this guy is the cameraman seems to suggest they’re filming a new season. It looks like they’re standing on the Coyote Pass property, so this appears to offer a clue to the new season.

Eyewitnesses recently reported moving-like trucks on the Brown’s Coyote Pass property. Since the land is void of buildings, they’re probably not moving vans. But they very well might be the production crew from Sister Wives, which is what a few fans suggested.

Christine shows up next to the cameraman with the mountain in the background of their pic offering a clue to the location. So it looks as if the family is filming a new season of the Sister Wives series.

Since TLC is traditionally tight-lipped about their filming and new season dates, maybe Christine didn’t realize this offered a clue when she posted it. But is sure seems like the Brown family has the production crew in their midst today.

It looks like this means Sister Wives is filming a new season and the secret is out. It also appears as if they’ll do some of the camera work at Coyote Pass.

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