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‘Sister Wives’: How Will Kody Brown Play Out the New Season?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and the four women he married changed a lot over the last decade on their show that highlights their plural marriage. Last season it was obvious the polygamous marriage started to splinter with Meri Brown seeking more independence away from the family.

Usually, a returning television show addresses the cliffhangers from the previous season. But when Sister Wives Season 14 begins it looks like Kody’s cliffhangers might stir up some frustration for at least three of his wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and His Flagstaff Promises

Kody Brown promised a different life in Flagstaff for the Sister Wives tribe. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown expected new homes. Life would also be different not only for his Sister Wives ladies but for his entire brood of kids as well. Or so he said while still in Vegas peddling the move to his four wives.

Kody saw this new city as harboring a type of artsy and hippie-like culture that Kody said he enjoys. But promises were made before the Sister Wives clan got there. Now that they’ve been there for more than a year, it looks like some of the promises remain on hold.

Before the move, all four wives secured “temporary housing” in Flagstaff. Three of the wives got into rental properties. But Christine purchased her temporary dwelling while the Sister Wives permanent homes were built on that piece of land they purchased at Coyote Pass.

Now with Robyn’s landlord selling the property she originally resided in when first moving to Flagstaff, she’s made another move. It looks like Robyn got herself a home just shy of a million-dollar price tag. Kody Brown apparently forked out the family’s shared funds to purchase the home.

Three Out of Four Wives Still in Arizona Limbo?

With nothing reported moving at the Coyote Pass property, it looks like the new season has three Sister Wives ladies still in limbo. But Robyn’s secured with a new lavish home.

So it looks as if the new season of Sister Wives might come with a tad of animosity among the wives. From what Kody Brown has said in the past, they pool the money that all four wives earn. This so-called pool of finances pays for everything. So far, it looks like Robyn enjoys the lion’s share of what the combined finances purchased.

Perhaps the biggest hint of things to come with the Sister Wives new season emerges from Meri Brown online. She’s spent a lot of time finding just the right words in messages to post. These cryptic-like messages seem to address the same thing – Meri’s independence from the family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Changes It Up a Bit

Recently she wrote a long blog-like message that suggested some people close to her threw her aside. From how the message read, it seems that Meri looks at a few severed relationships as the new season films. In many traditional marriages, the focus on raising a family goes on for a few decades. Then the empty nest time of life sets in.

From there, the partners usually focus on building a different relationship together. First, they tend to rediscover what it was in the first place that brought them together. This didn’t happen for Merri. Her only daughter flew the Sister Wives coop and Meri doesn’t have a full-time husband for that second half of her life’s journey.

Mariah Brown relocated to Chicago to attend grad school. She’s also engaged to marry Audrey Kriss. So this means the Sister Wives matriarch is alone and she’ll probably remain that way once Mariah finishes her education.

The family’s schedule of each wife getting Kody every fourth night doesn’t sound intact anymore. Reports put Kody with Robyn most of the time.

So when the new season of Sister Wives rolls out, fans might see a new Meri Brown. She appears more business-oriented these days than ever before, evident in her online posts.

Wooing a Husband Who Doesn’t Want to Be Wooed?

It looks as if Christine hasn’t given up yet as last season fans watched as she vied for Kody’s attention. So unless something has drastically changed, chances are there’s more of that to come. Out of all the wives Janelle Brown was most like the loner in the group. She didn’t appear to have a need for the fireworks of romance that Christine seems to seek out with Kody.

So, it looks like when the new season starts, the Sister Wives family is still spread out all over the rural Flagstaff area. But Robyn Brown seems settled and quite possibly taking up all Kody’s time. Or will the Sister Wives clan play it differently for the cameras?

Last season some of the family meetings almost seemed like a joke for Meri Brown. It was if she just went through the motions for the camera. Still, all four wives and Kody looked like one solid family unit. Will the Sister Wives show play it out that way again? Or will they finally hone in on what is really going on within the family for their new season?

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